The surprising fashion trend that’s making a resurgence

They say fashion comes in full circle, and it’s true… but in 2018 – we’ve seen the return of some street style trends that we thought would never make a comeback. Never say never. As this year’s fashion leans heavily on the 80s, we’ve paid witness to the reappearance of the scrunchie, the bumbag, the chunky sneaker, and even bike shorts… but these aren’t the only unexpected 80s fashion trends getting to enjoy a renaissance.

Prepare yourself as this summer becomes awash with the style set decked out in their best visor. Yep, from designers such as Dior, Rag & Bone, and Louis Vuitton to stars including Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Song Of Style’s Aimee Song – the visor has been reinvented, managing to find itself a seat amongst the cool kids.

Recognising this trend was about to undergo a revival, Sarah Costin decided to get in on the forefront of the action – putting a fashionable spin on the accessory with the launch of her sport-luxe visor collection, Bondi Peak. Aiming to turn the traditional notion of a visor as a sporting accessory on its head, the Bondi Peak collection has a high-fashion focus with two bespoke designs inspired by Bondi personalities.

With Sarah clearly in the know when it comes to all things visors, we decided to pull her aside for a little one-on-one chat about the trend – from why it’s making a comeback to what to expect from it in Spring/Summer ‘19…

Why do you think we’ve seen a return of the visor?
There’s been a massive resurgence of 90s and early 00’s fashion trends lately – just look at all the coloured lens sunnies, tube tops, and even bum bags we’re seeing everywhere. Visors are definitely due another moment in the sun – excuse the pun – and it’s so exciting to see them back on high-end international catwalks, and then translated into a real life trend by girls that really ‘get’ fashion.

The great thing about the new visors we’re seeing is that they’re no longer just a sports accessory. They work really well worn with everyday wear, and new, updated fabrics like wool, denim, and linen give them a much more premium look. Plus, not only do they look great with your summer wardrobe, they also provide your eyes and skin with excellent protection from the harsh rays of the sun, whilst keeping your head much cooler than a cap.

Where has this trend been spotted?
Visors are making a comeback in a big way and I’m seeing them more and more on runways and in my Insta feed. Dior first brought visors back into the limelight with the release of the DiorClub1 in their Spring 18 collection, and brands like Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger weren’t far behind. Since then, they’ve been seen on the likes of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Rihanna and Cara Delevingne – these girls have a knack for setting the trends, so if they’re wearing them then it won’t be long before everyone else follows suit.

Do you see this becoming a wardrobe staple for summer 2019?
Absolutely. The great thing about Bondi Peak visors is that they’re so versatile. Their washable sweatband and wider peak design means they can be worn all day, from your morning exercise routine through to afternoon drinks with the girls. We all know how damaging the sun can be on our skin, and traditional sport visors and caps don’t offer wide enough coverage to protect the tops of our cheeks, an area where pigmentation can be a big issue. I designed Bondi Peak to give us that little more shade where we need it most, while still providing maximum comfort and style.

What made you decide to join in the renaissance of the visor?
Honestly, my obsession with visors never went away. I’ve always loved them. They’re cool, comfortable, easy to wear and they provide great protection from harsh UV rays for sun souls like me. I love being outdoors so it’s always been important for me to keep my skin safe and I’ve never been a cap fan because I like to wear a high pony and let my head breathe. I’ve actually been thinking about launching Bondi Peak for a really long time. It just so happened that the visor trend made a comeback just as I was ready to go. The stars were aligned!

You’ve added a Bondi twist to the international trend. How have you done this and what was the thinking behind it?
There’s something about Bondi style that you just can’t put your finger on. It’s this kind of free-and-easy beach-loving lifestyle but mixed up with something else, something that’s just a bit cool and savvy and… well, just Bondi. I wanted to encapsulate that in the brand, and spent a long time just people watching in and around Bondi to come up with my first two designs. I also wanted to capture Bondi’s art culture, which is why I worked with designer Danka Gralik from Danka Designs to create a bespoke, hand drawn lining which is inspired by the famous Bondi Graffiti Wall. The fact that our visors are minimalist and stylish on the outside and yet have this sort of ‘inner crazy’ is a kind of symbolic I think…it’s a good representation of the girls who have inspired them.

Can you talk me through the Bondi Peak collection?
The initial collection is made up of two bespoke visor peak shapes, both of which were inspired by their Bondi surrounds. The Hall Street version has a unique flat peak – a quirky take on the classic, which is perfect for those carefree, easy going chicks that are all about the good vibes. The Notts Ave version has a classic curved peak and is our signature style. It’s smart and sassy, and has a bit more of a ‘grown up’ feel to it. Both are lined with the Bondi graffiti wall-inspired print, and are recognisable by their stud detailing on both the front and back of each style, which is our Bondi peak design signature. All our visors have a washable sweatband that you can hand-wash as many times as you like to remove makeup or sweat, and we also sell the sweatbands separately so you can always keep a spare on hand.

Who epitomises the Bondi Peak girl?
There’s heaps of girls out there whose style I really admire…Leah Simmons, Elle Ferguson, Marcia Leone, Caroline Groth, Yan Yan Chan, Zoe Cross…the list goes on! But honestly, the Bondi girl is all about attitude. Carefree, beach-loving sun souls who know how to rock their individual look with confidence.

What clothing do you see the visor being paired back with in circa 2019?
Bondi Peak visors can honestly work with anything. The great thing about the reinvention of the visor is that they are no longer restricted to tennis and golf clubs (or the bottom of your sports bag!), you can now find a visor that will add a stylish finishing touch to almost any wardrobe choice. And as we expand, we plan to offer a wider range of fabrics and colours so you can match your Bondi Peak to whatever you are wearing: from athleisure wear through to bikinis and cute, floaty summer dresses.

Are we going to be seeing the fluoro visor of years past? And if so, will Bondi Peak be bringing out their own version?
I’m a child of the 80’s so fluoro holds a special place in my heart… never say never! 😉

What can we expect in the next 12 months for Bondi Peak?
We have a Summer range hitting our online store and retail partner shelves later this year, which will see white and pink linens and a pink denim joining our current black wool and navy denim pieces. 
We see Bondi Peak as the perfect canvas for collaboration with like-minded brands, influencers and designers to create limited edition collections that showcase their unique brand identity on our signature bespoke visor shapes. So you can expect to see plenty of new colour palettes, fabrics and lining patterns as we continue to keep the range fresh and fun with each change of season. We are so excited about where the next 12 months will take us and we can’t wait to share Bondi Peak with sport-luxe fashion lovers both here and overseas!

All images feature Tayana Yarkaya wearing Bondi Peak taken by Husskie Press | Article created in partnership with Bondi Peak

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