The five best Instagram pics of the week

Every week we spot hundreds of Instagram pics that we save, screenshot or just send to the memory bank… to then have them fall into the abyss of forgotten images as our feeds become filled with fresh content. So to help preserve their moment in the sun for a little longer, we’ve decided to start a new section on Husskie where we turn our spotlight on the five best images to have crossed our feeds that week.

A huge fan of the inspiring travel content being produced on the daily, we’re starting off this segment with 5 posts that roam the globe from Bali to Tulum. See below for this week’s top picks…

1. Gary Pepper Girl‘s Nicole Warne in Tulum, Quintana Roo
What she says: “First light and still half asleep ☁”

Image credit: Gary Pepper Girl

2. Mvandersluis‘ Mel Vandersluis in Lagos, Portugal
On Portugal, Mel says: “No shortage of beautiful beaches or incredible backdrops in Portugal.” 

Image credit: Mel Vandersluis

3. Bianca Ella Booth in Bali
What she says: “This side of paradise ?@villalagobali

Image credit: Bianca Ella Booth

4. Recesscity‘s Anna Lisa and Porter in Minneriya, Sri Lanka
What she says: “Six o’clock in the morning deep in the Minneriya Nature Reserve in northern Sri Lanka… seeing elephants in the wild was something Port & I had been dreaming about probably since studying them in the first grade. ? I shared something our guide said when we first posted this back in January & it still gives me chills: ‘So great, yet so wise. So mighty, yet so gentle. We love them, and yet they make us feel so small. They are, I think, the animal most like God.’ ?✨”

Image credit: Recesscity

5. Travel In Her Shoes’ Aggie Lal in Tulum, Quintana Roo
What she says: “Love her but leave her wild ????‍♀️”

Image credit: Travel In Her Shoes

Main image: Gary Pepper Girl

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  1. Just ADORE pic number four.

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