50 Australian fashion bloggers you NEED on your radar

Ever since we first began hearing the term “fashion blogger” being thrown around, Australia has been producing some of the world’s top fashion influencers (and that’s not just a patriotism for Husskie’s home country talking). With global brands tapping into the local talent pool, Australian fashion bloggers are competing on the international stage in style.

Taking a look at some of the country’s best, Scrunch recently put together a list of 50 enviable Australian fashion bloggers and influencers  ranked on reach across all social media platforms. See below for Scrunch’s full list of Australian fashion bloggers all worthy of tapping that follow button (if you haven’t already)…

1. Jessica Stein (Tuula Vintage) – 2.5 million – Twitter, Instagram, Blog
2. Nicole Warne (Gary Pepper Girl) – 2.2 million – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog
3. Tash Oakley (A Bikini A Day) – 2 million – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog
4. Antoinette Marie (Sydney Fashion Blogger) – 1.2 million – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog
5. Diaz Dilya – 1.2 million – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
6. Amanda Shadforth (Oracle Fox) – 1.1 million – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog
7. Stephanie Smith – 1.1 million – Twitter, Instagram, Blog
8. Margaret Zhang (Shine By Three) – 850K – Twitter, Instagram, Blog
9. Sara Donaldson (Harper & Harley) – 818K – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog
10. Micah Gianneli – 719K – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog
11. Elle Ferguson (They All Hate Us) – 603K – Twitter, Instagram, Blog
12. Tara Milk Tea – 539K – Facebook, Instagram, Blog
13. Aisha Jade – 454K – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog
14. Carmen Hamilton (Chronicles of Her) – 422K – Facebook, Instagram, Blog
15. Nadia Bartel (Chronicles of Nadia) – 361K – Instagram, Blog
16. Zanita Whittington – 340K – Twitter, Instagram, Blog
17. Lisa Hamilton (See Want Shop) – 313K – Twitter, Instagram, Blog
18. Kaitlyn Ham (Modern Legacy) – 280K – Instagram, Blog
19. Tash Sefton (They All Hate Us) – 261K – Instagram, Blog
20. Ashley Schuberg (Miss Gunner) – 242K – Twitter, Instagram, Blog

21. Jasmin Howell (Friend in Fashion) – 240K – Instagram, Blog
22. Jasmine Dowling – 184K – Instagram
23. Jiawa Liu (Beige Renegade) – 183K – Twitter, Instagram, Blog
24. Kate Waterhouse – 179K – Twitter, Instagram, Blog
25. Nadia Fairfax – 169K – Twitter, Instagram, Blog
26. Clarice Chian (Brigadeirochoc) – 148,396K – Facebook, Instagram, Blog
27. Brooke Testoni – 147K – Facebook, Instagram, Blog
28. Holly Titheridge (BaseColour) – 112K – Instagram, Blog
29. Vydia Rishie – 112K – Instagram, Blog
30. Talisa Sutton (Badlands) – 108K – Instagram, Blog
31. Kirsty Wu (Minimal) – 106K – Facebook, Instagram, Blog
32. Melanie Liu (The Tia Fox) – 104K – Twitter, Instagram, Blog
33. Bec + Marissa Karagiorgos (Twice Blessed) – 100K – Instagram

34. Kiara King (Lion in the Wild) – 100K – Facebook, Instagram, Blog
35. Nikki Phillips – 87K – Twitter, Instagram, Blog
36. Jacquie Alexander (Because I Needed It) – 84K – Instagram, Blog
37. Jessica Alizzi – 83K – Instagram, Blog
38. I Heart Bargains – 80K – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog
39. Ally May Hayward (Substance) – 80K – Instagram
40. Style By Aggie (Aggie Goss) – 79K – Instagram
41. Josie Barber (By Barber) – 69K – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog
42. Not So Mumsy (Marcia Leone and Archie Valentino) – 69K – Instagram, Blog
43. Erin Maxwell – 64K – Twitter, Instagram, Blog
44. Eleanor Pendleton (Gritty Pretty) – 63K – Instagram, Blog
45. Connie Cao (K is for Kani) – 62K – Twitter, Instagram, Blog
46. Ashleigh D’Mello – 59K – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blog
47. Karissa Sparke – 54K – Instagram, Blog
48. Beck Wadworth (An Organised Life) – 53K – Instagram
49. Kirsten Anderton – 48K – Instagram, Blog
50. Danielle and Nicole Benton (When Words Fail) – 30K – Instagram, Blog

Main image: @carmengracehamilton

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