The 5 wacky blogger beauty hacks you should add to your regime

Believe us when we tell you that searching for beauty hacks online can lead you down a seriously weird blogging rabbit hole of bizarre home-made remedies. But after discovering waaay too much information about the multiple uses of Vaseline, we’ve narrowed down the best tips from some of our favourite beauty bloggers.

Sharing their beauty secrets from tool tricks to application tips – read on to see a showcase of 5 easy, cost-effective and wacky hacks from Chriselle Lim, Huda Beauty, Tina Yong, Elle Fowler and Farah D

1. Chriselle Lim: DIY fan brush
This brush hack from Chriselle Lim will not only save you money from having to buy an array of (often expensive) makeup brushes – but will also create much-needed space in your cosmetics bag. Simply slide a bobby pin over the hairs of any round brush you own, and it will be transformed into a fan brush perfect for creating those sharp contour lines or highlights. Two brushes for the price of one!

Image credit: The Chriselle Factor

2. Huda Beauty: 30 second ombre hair highlights
Ever felt like your hair was looking a lil dull and boring and wanted to jazz it up a bit (without committing to anything permanent)? Huda Beauty has a solution! Create a temporary ombré look using warm-toned cosmetic powders – such as a bronzer – to “paint” highlights onto the ends of your hair for a quick new look.

Image credit: Huda Beauty YouTube


3. Tina Yong: Unexpected brow gel
She’s definitely not the first beauty vlogger to use this beauty hack – but we still think this fave trick of Tina Yong’s is pretty ingenious. Grab a soap and apply it all over your brows with a spoolie brush to create your own DIY brow gel – think instantly thicker and fuller brows with no runaway baby hairs.

Image credit: @tina_yong

4. Elle Fowler: Mascara extender

Attempting to re-apply mascara over the top of the application you’ve been wearing all day usually ends in one big clumpy mess. But Elle Fowler has the trick to beating the crunchy clusters – apply a tiny bit of Vaseline with a Q-tip before re-applying another coat to soften the mascara, making the second coat feel shiny and new [and touched for the very first time]. Vaseline for the win.

Image credit: Elle Fowler YouTube

5. Farah Dhukai: Kitchen aid acne remover
Farah Dhukai shares one of the crazier but definitely interesting hacks we’ve heard – getting rid of pimples overnight using garlic. By taking a clove of garlic and making some cuts into it to extract some of the juice, rub it onto the pimple. If there is a whitehead, Farah swears it will be gone instantly, and if it is one of those stubborn under the skin ones – rub the garlic and leave the juice to sit on it overnight. According to Farrah, you’ll wake up with it all gone. Although your face may smell like garlic, if it means having flawless skin – we’re so willing to give it a shot.

Image credit: @farahdhukai

Main image: @chrisellelim Words: Maddi Kinchington

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