The 30 top Danish fashion influencers to follow

Denmark is having a moment when it comes to style and the Gram. As I glance through the Saved section of my Instagram, it becomes abundantly clear that a common thread is connecting the squares and that is the disproportionate amount of images hailing from Denmark. And more specifically, from Copenhagen.

While Scandinavia has long been known for its minimalistic yet chic sartorial style, the fashion map has more commonly belonged to the Swedes and Norwegians. No longer, as Danish street style stars step up to the spotlight.

Here, we take a look at 30 of the rising fashion influencers from Denmark that are steadily making a name for themselves globally as ones to watch. It’s easy to see why…

1. Josefine HJ |  773K

Image credit: Josefine HJ

2. Anine Bing |  697K

Image credit: Anine Bing

3. Pernille Teisbaek | 650K

Image credit: Pernille Teisbaek

4. Emili Sindlev | 279K

Image credit: Emili Sindlev

5. Freja Wewer | 241K

Image credit: Freja Wewer

6. Sophia Roe | 229K

Image credit: Sophia Roe

7. IsabellaTH | Isabella Thordsen | 224K

Image credit: Isabella Thordsen

8. Tina Maria | 190K

Image credit: Tina Maria

9. Maria Kragmann | 175K

Image credit: Maria Kragmann

10. Jeanette Madsen | 164K

Image credit: Jeanette Madsen

11. Ilirida Krasniqi | 139K

Image credit: Ilirida Krasniqi

12. Trine Kjær | 126K

Image credit: Trine Kjær

13. Anna Astrup | 118K

Image credit: Anna Astrup

14. Hanna Stefansson | 117K

Image credit: Hanna Stefansson

15. Barbara Kristoffersen | 87.7K

Image credit: Barbara Kristoffersen

16. Marie Jedig | 83.4K

Image credit: Marie Jedig

17. Christina Dueholm | 77.4K

Image credit: Christina Dueholm

18. Karo Dall | Karoline Dall | 74.4K

Image credit: Karoline Dall

19. Chloe Monchamp | 72.2K

Image credit: Chloe Monchamp

20. Thora Valdimars | 71.4K

Image credit: Thora Valdimars

21. Marie Hindkær | 67.6K

Image credit: Marie Hindkaer

22. Annasarlvit | Anna Cornelia | 62.7K

Image credit: Anna Sarlvit

23. Anne Johannsen | 61.6K

Image credit: Anne Johannsen

24. Rock Paper Dresses | Cathrine Widunok Wichmand | 57.3K

Image credit: Rock Paper Dresses

25. Tippie Maya | Tippie-Maya Høgh | 53.3K

Image credit: Tippie-Maya Hogh

26. Caroline Eltoft | 46K

Image credit: Caroline Eltoft

27. Karoline Beltner | 44.2K

Image credit: Karoline Beltner

28. Karla Alajdi | 42.9K

Image credit: Karla Alajdi

29. Simone Moelle | 28K

Image credit: Simone Moelle

30. Couture Kulten | Laura Tonder | 18.8K

Image credit: Couture Kulten

Main image: Sophie Roe

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