The 15 beauty rules Erika Bowes swears by

Hailing from the UK, Erika Bowes is one of those digital dreamgirls that just seems to always get it right – whether you’re talking fashion, photography, styling, or beauty. *Sigh*

Recently launching her very own zine and website Sukeban with close pal Yuki Haze, the pair have transcended the boundaries of the creative industry by providing a space for women of colour and diverse ethnicities to share their work across different genres.

But while Erika has an important cultural message to share with her joint 150K social media followers, it’s her enviable personal style and unique beauty look that has had us hooked right from the start.

Closely following her rise on social media – from Tumblr to the more modern obsessions of Instagram/Twitter – we were pretty thrilled when we recently stumbled across Erika’s top tips to achieving THAT flawless skin.

With an emphasis on natural, fresh beauty, Erika’s tips suggest instilling positive and wholesome behaviours into your life and maintaining the same routine every day (she hasn’t changed hers up since she was 12!).

Below, we take a look at Erika’s top 15 tips to nailing the skincare game…

  1. Wear SPF and stay hydrated (drink 3L of water every day)
  2. Wash your face using cleansing water, such as an oil-infused micellar water, morning and night
  3. Avoid using makeup wipes
  4. Use rose water spray
  5. Find a good moisturiser – both day and night cream (Erika uses Boots No. 7)
  6. Use the same brand consistently, changing products all the time is not good for your skin
  7. Exercise regularly
  8. Eat a plant-based diet and avoid processed, salty, high fat or sugary foods
  9. Get some sun (but wear an SPF always!)
  10. Sleep 7-8 hours every night and change your pillowcase regularly
  11. Do not touch your face all the time, wash your hands whenever possible
  12. Keep hair out of your face
  13. Wear chemical-free makeup and avoid wearing makeup when you can
  14. Do not pick spots or blemishes
  15. Also remember your skin is partly down to genetics!

All images: @erikabowes / Written by Yasemin Genc

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  1. Alice says:

    “She is stunning! I love her style and image. But 3L water is impossible for me ((((
    I don’t even imagine how drink 1.5L of water! )))”

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