The 10 most Instagrammable remote locations in the world

When it comes to booking potential travel destinations, it seems Instagram has got itself some pretty significant pull. In fact, a study by Tourism Management earlier this year found two-fifths of millennials choose a travel spot based on its “Instagrammability” – that’s almost half the millennial population.

Another trend that’s been having significant pull in 2018 is our growing appetite for exploring off-beat travel locations. While the Eiffel Tower and Positano beachfront will continue to flood IG feeds – people are now starting to look further afield when it comes to travel opportunities.

To find out which destinations are high on the list in 2018, Carphone Warehouse recently held a new study calling on users to rank the most beautiful, disconnected locations in the world. The study found the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador came in first as the number one “Most Instagrammable Location”, while one of the world’s most pristine and least-visited island groups in the world, Marovo Lagoon in the Solomon Islands, came in second place.

Feerbonilla at the Great Blue Hole, Belize

Feerbonilla at the Great Blue Hole, Belize

Below, we take a look at which destinations were voted in as 2018’s top 10 most Instagrammable off-beat locations in the world.

1. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
2. Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands
3. Kalandula Waterfalls, Angola
4. Kiribati, Micronesia
5. Great Blue Hole, Belize

Wanderreds in Kiribati, Micronesia.

Wanderreds in Kiribati, Micronesia.

6. Arno Atoll, Marshall Islands
7. Suriname, South America
8. Rock Islands, Palau
9. Morondava, Madagascar
10. Tuvalu, South Pacific

Karla V. Tomaselli in Morondava, Madagascar

Karla V. Tomaselli in Morondava, Madagascar

Main image: Chelsea Kauai in Belize 

For more information on the world’s most disconnected locations, visit the Carphone Warehouse travel guide via https://www.carphonewarehouse.com/broadband/travel.html.

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