The 10 health rules Anna Heinrich swears by

You know how there’s those people that just seem to get better with age (at the same time as you swear you’re beginning to see a couple more fine lines forming around the corner of your eyes)? Anna Heinrich is that person. Having interviewed her for various articles since first stepping off the set of the Bachelor in 2013, I swear that every time I see her she’s more radiant, more striking, and, just well, hotter than ever before.

Conducting one-on-one interviews with media at the Ivy Penthouse for her role as the Oral-B 3D White Ambassador – and to launch the brand’s new 3D White Arctic Fresh toothpaste – as we sat down to chat I manoeuvred myself around to sit up just that little bit straighter, self-consciously cursing myself for having supported “my friend’s” decision to duck past Gelato Messina on the way.

Feeling a little bit better after Anna’s admittance of doing the old “hide the chocolate wrapper” dance with partner Tim Robard, I settled in to discover just what are her top 10 rules when it comes to food, exercise and health.

1. Practise intermittent fasting
“I’m currently doing intermittent fasting. With this, basically you have a block in the day from 12 to 7pm which is when you eat, so you don’t have breakfast – as breakfast is ‘breaking’ your ‘fast’ – and then I normally have my first meal at about 11am or 12pm. That normally consists of eggs, avocado, tomato. If I’m not having that, I’ll always have a salad.”

2. Order the healthy option when you’re out and about
“I love eating out – but I’ll always order the healthy option. I’ll always have a salad and add some protein to it, or if I haven’t had eggs earlier, I’ll have my salad with eggs on it. Generally when I eat out, I do my best to eat well. Even when on holidays, I try and eat well.”

3. Afternoon snacking stops the hangry
“In the afternoon, depending on where I’m at, I’ll try and have nuts or some form of snack before dinner. I tend to get hungry straight before dinner – around four or five o’clock – so if I can, I’ll have a piece of fruit or I might have a coffee.”

4. Protein and salad/veggies for dinner
“Dinner is always very similar. It’ll be a piece of protein – I’ll either have chicken, steak, fish and then maybe salad and vegetables. It’s all about portions and making sure you have the right proportions.”

5. Don’t deny the cravings
“I think it’s best to generally eat well and then when you crave something, have it. Most people should be focusing on eating healthily the majority of the time – and then when you want to eat chips, cake whatever, then you’re allowed to. I don’t think it should be only on one day or on a specific day, I think you just do it because you’re eating well generally.”

6. Avoid “low fat”
“I like something sweet [for dessert], whether that be a piece of dark chocolate or fruit and yoghurt. The one thing I’ve learnt is not to have low fat anything because full cream has the good fats – like avocado. I always use to think I couldn’t have avocado because ‘that has fat in it and that’s going to get me fat’, but I think as you become more educated – you know it’s good fat. In the past I wouldn’t have full cream milk, avocado, bananas, all that because I wanted to lose weight – but for me it’s never about losing weight, it’s about being a healthier version of you.”

7. Find your passion
“I’m active everyday, whether or not that’s walking everyday or going to the gym – I don’t say ‘I have to go to the gym and do one class every single day’ but I’ll still try and fit in some form of exercise, even if I’m on holidays. I just try and sweat in some form every day. Back at school I was always into sport. I did athletics, touch football, hockey – I loved it all. I think if people are having trouble going to the gym, find something active that you love doing like going for a walk or playing tennis and that’s exercise – it’s just about getting out and getting off the couch.”

8. Winter is not an excuse
“Now coming into winter, it’s important to get motivated. A lot of people think ‘oh winter, I won’t be able to get up in the morning… etc’ – but as they say ‘summer bodies are made in winter’ and I don’t think you should stop working out or stop eating well because it’s winter.

9. Phone a friend
“I think you have to find someone – like a partner or friends – to motivate you. I know that if I’m getting up in the morning and I set my alarm, if someone is there waiting for me – whether or not it’s a friend or I’ve planned to work out with Tim – you know that someone’s there so they’re relying on you. That really gets you up and going in the morning!”

10. Don’t forget your teeth
“The newest induction to my health regime is the new Oral-B 3D White Arctic Fresh Toothpaste. It has this new innovative cooling agent – which means you’re going to have fresher and cleaner breath for a longer time. I’m always speaking to different people – and for me, having fresh breath is so important… especially with Fashion Week coming up!”

Photography and interview: Husskie Editor Yelena Fairfax

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