Style Spotlight | Why Song of Style is the blogging world’s covergirl

With a name like Aimee Song, it’s no surprise this fashion mogul’s preaching is a symphony to our ears. Through @songofstyle, Aimee spins a tantalising web of garments, motifs and moods that have gripped over 4.5 million followers on the ol’ gram.

Securing a spot in the Forbes 2017 honorary 30 Under 30: Art & Style category, it’s only natural to hail Aimee as a Queen of the fashion sovereignty. If you’re looking to find your footing in the blogging arena, Aimee’s authentic approach to the art of digitally sharing style is one to model off and get inspired by. Her blog is a virtual magazine designed to get the best kind of lost in.

From runways to behind-the-scenes reels, we’re cataloguing just a few of the things we adore about Aimee…

1. She’s vlogging and it’s all kinds of awesome
Ever wanted to be slung into Aimee’s perspex bucket bag with all of the curated mags and sartorial bibles? Yeah, us too. Now you kinda can. We’re loving being a fly on the wall, touring the streets of Fashion Week And Beyond via Aimee’s vlog channel. The vids are equal parts quirky, chic and entertaining as hell. Here, she’s doing her thang at PFW.

2. Aimee has her own Barbie ‘mini me’. Shut the front door.
She’s a barbie girl in a barbie world – of difference. Yep, Barbie modelled a new, diversity-championing iteration of their ‘It Girl’ off Aimee herself, clad in a floral Self-Portrait frock by Penang-born designer Han Chong. We’re still in awe and ready to go and befriend a four-year-old to play dollhouse with.

3. She’s a master of all styles
Put her in a translucent raincoat. Over a fire-truck red polka dot midi dress. With coordinating coloured glasses. AND SHE ROCKS IT. We never really know what’s coming next from Aimee’s dressing portfolio, but she always manages to style in accord with the season, surrounds and a strong sense of self.

4. Step aside, Aimee has got the ‘badass in a bathrobe’ shot down pat
Okay, someone start polishing the crown. We’re reading to bestow Aimee with this coveted title. Living a jet-setting, never-stopping lifestyle that constantly catapults her from one side of the world to the other, Aimee spends her fair share of times donning white robes in hotel rooms. Styled with killer shades, a turban-style towel-in-hair, and usually a luscious brekky spread before her, she reminds us of a old time Hollywood actress in her heyday.

5. We’re calling off the search for the best street style snaps
If you’re an avid Aimee follower, you’ll know the reason you can never quite click away in time to assert your space in the coffee line or remember your train stop is coming up next is down to her wildly intricate (yet seemingly effortless) outfit debuts. She’s usually mid-strut, rocking a bold pantsuit, or an ethereal gown. Dear Aimee, can we please raid your wardrobe soon? Sincerely, The Husskie Pack.

All images: Aimee Song | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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