Style Spotlight | Why Janice Joostema should be your new muse

If you’re in need of a refined style consultation, or long for a beauty regime overhaul with a little bit of edge, we’d prescribe a scroll through Janice Joostema’s Instagram and blog. With over 1.3 million followers exalting her polished foray into content creation, we’re probably preaching to the converted.

Nevertheless, we’re gearing up to document some of the hero traits making Janice’s personal brand so intrinsically hypnotising. You know the drill. Cue the onslaught of style…

1. She’s a connoisseur of the newly-improved Insta game
We’ve all seen the most recent Insti updates – there’s gifs galore, new zooms and now an option to retain our Insta stories for later viewing parties on our grids. Janice has installed these Insta Stories to her ‘gram – bookmarking all things ‘NYC’, ‘Beauty’, ‘Health’ and ‘Shop’ for us to watch long after the moment they’re captured. Think categorised doses of all the good stuff, only a couple of taps away.    
2. The colour scheme is a visual reverie
This grid sees brushstrokes of amber and orange against a heavenly white canvas. Yellows mesh impeccably with a snowy backdrop. Think warm, leopard-printed boots and lemon-toned serums against a lush duvet. It’s candy for the eyes, impressively original, and a lesson in serious aesthetic diligence.  
3. She’s nailed the art of the ‘bag spill’ shot
We are always holding out for another makeup-filled edit of Janice’s must-have items of the mo’. From skincare staples to beauty shelf-warmers and all of the tidbits in between, we’re endlessly filling up our wish lists with the featured items on this blog and Insta duo. Sure, it’s the source of our cash haemorrhaging, but hey, at least our lashes look fantastic.
4. Her makeup looks are refreshingly different to the norm
Forget a bronze smoky eye. We love them, but it seems we’ve become almost afraid of trialling anything but a glittery copper shadow. The basic sweep of terracotta browns in the crease is becoming a bread-and-butter staple in our routines. That’s why Janice’s quintessentially wild and wonderful makeup looks have us in raptures. Yellow washed across the lids? Why the hell not. 
5. We live for her hotel room tours
No one excels in the hotel white robe-clad mirror selfie better than this gal. We have bookmarked waaay too many dreamy destinations thanks to her travel tips and tales. Think fabulous snaps from Hotel Plaza Athenee in the land of croissants. We love witnessing the behind-the-scenes of a jet-setter’s escapades.

All images via: Janice Joostemaa | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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