Style Spotlight | The fixation with street-style maven Dani Song

Unafraid, bold and a fashion risk-taker… the three things that come to mind when you take a scroll through Dani Song‘s Instagram account. And rightly so. This proudly Korean-American street-style maven continues to inspire her 800K followers with her fierce looks and authentic personality.

Channeling her inner boss, Dani manages her own fashion blog and jewellery store, Anarchy Street, that flaunts her own personal style all the while continuing her reign as the ultimate street-style trendsetter.

Below, we discuss why the Husskie team are singing to the tune of Dani Song…

1. The clothes don’t wear her, she wears and rocks the clothes
It’s clearly evident that Dani’s fashion taste ranges from haute couture to street-style brands, mixing it up with a slew of unique pieces. And while some of her outfits are for the sartorial brave, she rocks every outfit for any occasion and makes it her own.

2. Her sister is famous fashion blogger Song of Style
We love a dynamic duo and it’s even cooler that Dani is the younger sister of none other than Aimee Song from @songofstyle. They definitely share a sister bond like no other, working together in the same industry, sharing a clothing label, and having the most impeccable personal styles.

3. She wears her sneakers with practically everything and it gives us life
Sneakers always seem to be in rotation for this chick be it Adidas Superstars or the GUCCI Ace sneaker with bees and stars. It’s a given that she knows how to work sneakers into any look and make it sartorial magic.

4. Her body’s a decorated canvas
Adorned with multiple piercings and tattoos, we love how Dani embraces her skin with her body art. This California girl supports her local artists too, getting her ink and piercings from @bodyelectrictattoo.

5. She looks like a bombshell in a pair of shades
Consistently slaying in her trusty shades – it’s actually a rare moment when you find her not adorning a pair of sunglasses. We can only imagine what her sunglasses cupboard collection looks like…

All Images: Dani Song | Written by Margaux Levy

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