Style Spotlight on Mija Mija’s Mirjam Flatau

When it comes to Mija Mija‘s Mirjam Flatau, every photograph holds a story. Some are told from head to toe with compelling outfit arrangements, and others are coated with decals of fonts and ruminations that spell it out for us.

Her Instagram grid screams uniqueness, with her posts morphing into a portfolio of artistry and graphic design. She’s the director, the blogger, the model, the writer – and we revere Mija for this multi-faceted approach to influencing.

We oscillate between canvas and quirks in today’s lowdown on why you should join the 873k+ already marvelling at Mija…

1. We hold out for every quote she designs and shares
The series of #quotesbymija that parade across this grid has a running trend: relevancy. Somehow, every quote canvassed by Mija seems to strike a chord. It’s usually at the most exhaustive points of the day when we have a lazy scroll through our feed until coming across one and something will click. These little strings of words tend to prompt some perspective, or tell us to hold our head up high – or just simply kick us back into action.

2. She has a crush on cool cars
And we don’t blame her. Swanky vehicles pepper Mija’s grid and add to its sleek appeal. With each upload, we’re propelled into a daydream of revving around tight city streets James Bond-style. Keep ‘em coming.


3. Her edits are a feast for the eyes
Every ‘edit’ that Mija creates compiles a new wish-list on our end. It’s a bittersweet affair – our wardrobes rejoice as our bank balances recoil. Her Spring favourites? They resulted in an insatiable desire for Céline sunnies and a timber feature chair we didn’t even know we needed.


4. Her hat game is strong
With a love affair for hats that’s being going on for years, Mija’s hat collection is constantly evolving – with the style tending to lean itself towards the wide brim cowboy style (although she did recently branch out to include Jacquemus’ infamous wide wide Le chapeau Souk style).

5. She is the queen of the flatlay
They may be super minimalistic – but somehow Mija just makes the flatlay irresistible like no other, despite only always featuring a tiny edit. A terracotta-tinged hat and pair of sublimely tortoiseshell shades is all this girl needs to have our attention firmly captured.

All images via: @mija_mija | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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