Style Spotlight: Shot From The Street a force to be reckoned with

Shot From The Street’s Lizzy Hadfield is swiftly becoming an online sensation. Copious amounts of denim, tailored statement pieces and timeless accessories are the hallmarks of Lizzy’s style. If you’re a loyal follower of this Londoner, you’ll know that she can throw on a trio of boots, a white tee and boyfriend jeans and seem confidently runway ready. Jealous. 

Her approach to social media influencing is truly one of a kind. It pushes the standard norm, tests boundaries and gives followers an unparalleled glimpse into the periphery of a content creator’s life. By indulging in the media she shares, we meet her family, become invested in her everyday rituals and aspire to dress with her strong sense of identity and surety. 

Her blog of the same name, Shot From The Street, harbours exquisite outfit photography, debuting innumerable looks that speak of sophistication and an unprecedented kind of bold femininity. Layering photos with typography and illustrations, curating weekly disposable camera rolls and creating her own series of YouTube video instalments, Lizzy is waaay ahead of the pack.

Here’s just a handful of reasons why we have tuned in for the long-run…

1. She’s got an epic girl gang
Liv Puris (@livpuris), Katherine Ormerod (@katherine_ormerod) and Lindsey Holland (@ropesofholland) are just a few of the many familiar faces we love seeing across Lizzy’s various social platforms. Whether it’s a ‘Girly Trip to Paris’ vlog or the occasional Insta story with a girlfriend at her side, Lizzy treasures collaboration and company. We love seeing influencers bounce off one another, especially when their personal styles naturally mesh this well. 

2. She has the power to make just about anything look unbelievably cool
Lizzy has redefined what seems conventionally sexy, dressing in myriad masculine pieces and compiling outfits with a heavily tailored edge. She’s mentioned recently that the way in which we dress can convey our moods. Through a mini series ‘Capturing a Mood’, she shared her refreshing thoughts towards the art of dressing. For Lizzy, feeling confident and seductive in an outfit comes from “slight juxtapositions… which make things feel a little more interesting, and something you really want to look at.” We have had a ridiculous amount of ‘Uhuh’ moments of realisation from reading her fashion musings.

3. She isn’t afraid of taking followers behind-the-scenes
In the realm of social media influencers, it’s rare that individuals bear all. We’re used to seeing only the highlight reels of our favourite bloggers, and being barred completely from all of the other stuff. Lounging in pj’s, dealing with the throes of creative ruts and dealing with major lifestyle changes are just some of the moments that we have felt as if we shared with Lizzy. Her weekly vlog videos on Youtube take us through the highs and the lows of her freelance work, as well as sharing insight into how the creative process unfolds. Her mother, Anne, frequently makes an appearance, as well as her new photographer and other helping hands along the way. It almost feels as if when Lizzy sits down and talks to the camera, she is talking to a best friend. There’s something soothing about watching these vlogs, and we can’t help but marvel at how relatable it all is.

4. She’s recently moved to London town… and has documented everything
Lizzy’s flat in London is one of constant interior inspiration and styling delight. After having moved a few months ago from Manchester to London, we have loved watching the process of Lizzy settling into a new abode and making it her own. Her viewers have been there every step of the way, from coming along to open inspections to watching constant living room rearrangements. It has been a process of sharing and growing – one of which many 20-something’s can learn from and revel in.

5. Her ‘Testing Basics’ series is a must-watch
One of Lizzy’s most esteemed series is dubbed ‘Testing Basics’, in which she pits high street copies against high-end pieces for a range of different staple wardrobe items. Whether it’s the espadrille, the basic white tee, or a trench coat, Lizzy wears a crop of different pieces for a week and shares her opinions in a round-up video at the end. We’ve gained endless style inspiration and have learnt how to differentiate quality from a price tag.

All images via: Shot From The Street | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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