Style Spotlight: Shine on Peace Love Shea’s Shea Marie

It’s undeniable. Peace Love Shea‘s kaleidoscopic patchwork of photos houses it all. Appealing to approximately 1.1 million Insta-users, Shea Marie – the founder behind the feed – delivers an aesthetic that is strangely hard to define. The snapshots ooze with colour, thrill-seeking and fashion, with each image in contrast to the last. We’re running laps to keep up, but undeniably loving it all.

Today, we chronicle just a few of the factors that make Shea one of our favourite style influencers to watch…

1. She’s BFFs with Caroline Vreeland
It’s a match made in style heaven, that’s for sure. Legacy had its way, and Diana Vreeland’s great granddaughter Caroline Vreeland has fashion worked into her genetic blueprint. It’s no wonder that she is in cahoots with Shea. As a duo, these two are unstoppable. We’re digging this on-trend pink and red colour clash shot.

2. This girl is proficient in print pandemonium
We’re talking alllll of the printed #OOTDs. Shea dons stripes, houndstooth, florals, snakeskin and leopard print. LOTS of leopard print. One thing’s for sure, Shea knows how to rock a pattern and create an outfit combo that pushes the runway norms. This is bold eclecticism to the max.

3. She’s is a snowboarding pro
With a taste for adventure, this gal frequents the slopes to flex her snowboarding skills. We love looking beyond the wardrobe to scope out what else makes our favourite bloggers’ hearts sing… and pump. The alps are a haven for Shea, and we don’t blame her. She’s living out our biggest Chalet Girl dreams.

4. The furs. Oh, the furs.
Shea is a firm fur-aholic. The rack in her walk-in that houses fluffy outerwear must be bursting at the seams with colour and glorious chaos. We’ve lost count of just how many outfits have been perfected on her grid by the add-on of some serious fuzz.

5. She can make fun of herself. Grin and bare it!
We’re the first to applaud a break from the commonplace seriousness of the blogging world. That’s why Shea’s bouts of comedy make us her no.1 fan. Accompanying this snap, she writes, “When you send your mom a pic to tell her you (barely) made it on the cover of Vogue. Also proof that I smile!” The obsession is real.

All images via: Peace Love Shea | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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