Style Spotlight on Endlessly Love Club’s Jen Ceballos

Effortless, cool.

There are no other words to describe Endlessly Love Club‘s Jen Ceballos. Hailing from Colombia, Jen is from a breed of influencer that doesn’t filter, doesn’t pout, and doesn’t follow the trends. She has her own style – it’s timeless and it’s chic. Are we girl crushing? Why yes, we most certainly are.

Below, we’re not even pretending to make up an excuse to put the spotlight on Jen – because who wouldn’t want a little Friday style inspo? No special occasion necessary…

1. She’s a true creative
One scroll through her feed, and you can see that Jen has a love for all things creative. From different poses to blurred images, Jen likes to mix things up for the camera rather than playing it straight. She tells Sommer Swim: “I find inspiration everywhere I go, living in the now and capturing an authentic moment is important. Art and other inspiring girls out there. I love being creative and thinking out of the box.”

2. Her and her boyfriend are madly in love
It’s no secret that here at Husskie HQ we are mad for a good love story. And Jen and her BF are total couple goals. Case in point, a week ago when Jen posted a series of pics of the two together alongside the caption: “6 years 🌪 I love you so so so much it hurts 💔❤”.

3. She’s a mega babe
So, this one’s pretty self explanatory. With undeniable sexual appeal, one thing that probably makes Jen a stand out is her complete comfort in her skin. Confidence, beauty.

4. Her handle ‘Endlesslyloveclub’ derives from a sleepless night
Starting the Instagram account Endlesslyloveclub after deleting her personal Instagram, in a blog for Zulu and Zephr Jen explains that the name came from “a creative late night moment. One of those where you can’t sleep.”

5. You can buy her wardrobe
While a lot has already been sold, we love that you can actually buy Jen’s EXACT wardrobe – with the creative selling some of her preloved clothes via Depop. There may be a particular jacket in there that we are highly considering adding to our collection… Truth.

All images: EndlesslyLoveClub

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