Style Spotlight | Kristin Sundberg and the Cool Girl Effect

Kristin Sundberg doesn’t take herself too seriously. And when you have a whopping 560k followers, that task is not nearly as easy as it seems. With a firm focus on good places, good clothes, and good wine, this influencer has a feed proliferated by snaps of La Dolce Vita.

With exciting opportunities in fashion on the horizon, a deluge of whimsical photos up her sleeve, and a one month countdown to tying the knot, we can’t wait to see what’s next in store for Kristin.

In the meantime, we’re crafting a little petition for why you should go and fall in love with this ‘gram if you haven’t yet already.

1. Candid shots? Yes please
Kristin’s imagery repertoire is replete with ALL of the candid pics. She’s oft in the middle of a mahoossive bowl of fettuccine, twirling around a Parisian balcony, or sipping on an enormous latte during a cheeky spot of city-bound brunch. We can’t help but love the blurred, imperfect style of photography that oozes a worn-in, vibrant and easy-going feel.

2. For Old Hollywood-style European photography, look no further
The European holiday snaps are OUTTA CONTROL. We’re taking note that when injecting a grid with that vintage, retro-fied aesthetic, amping up the grain on the photos can be the answer. The colours of ancient towns and landscapes of southern Italy are all awash Kristin’s feed at the mo’, and you’d be crazy not to have a good squizz.

3. Kristin’s recently added ‘designer’ to the resume
Yup, she’s exclusively designed a collection of sartorial goodness for NA-KD the label. Her mission? Ensure this line mirrors the casual-chic appeal of her Insta album and style fingerprint. “For me, the most important thing was for the collection to really be a reflection of my own style, that even the smallest detail felt 100 % Kristin. Seeing the result, I couldn’t be happier. I am in love with every single piece of the collection, and I am so excited to finally get to share it with my amazing followers,” she said.

4. She’s got the whole ‘Cool Girl’ thing down pat – we think it’s got something to do with the killer shades
One word: cool. We’ve done the algebra and have deduced that Kristin’s extremely nonchalant, yet mysterious, air of ‘coolness’ comes down to a propensity to always be wearing sunglasses. Her collection is seriously impressive. In most of Kristin’s shots, her ultimate accessory is a pair of jett-black statement shades, and our wish list is only growing longer by the upload. 

5. Simplicity is key. Just take a peek at the flatlays.
Okay, a lesson in flatlaying. Kristin’s cute ‘in situ’ shots are ones of understatement and pared-down beauty. She proves that simplicity is paramount in perfecting a good Insta. Think a glass of wine, a contrasting backdrop, maybe a fun surface, and some small trinkets or accessories to embellish. Everything feels real, as if she’s truly thrown her shoulder bag onto the ground, spilled its contents, ordered a beverage, and taken a casual snap. We like.

All images via: Kristin Sundberg | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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