How The Haute Pursuit became a voice of fashion authority

Everything The Haute Pursuit‘s Vanessa Hong does carries with it a strong editorial eye – one firmly fixed on taste, timelessness and the pinnacle of sophistication. This extends to the world around her, with travel snapshots framed by gorgeous italics and bold fonts on her infamous blog, also carrying the name The Haute Pursuit. More like a magazine, THP encapsulates Vanessa’s style like a digital message in a bottle.

We’re perennially obsessed. It’s pretty hard not to be. And in our own haute pursuit, we’re jotting down just a couple of facets that make Vanessa one of the most authentic fashion influencers on the field….

1. She’s pushing the Insta norms
Forget forlorn flatlays and poorly-staged street style, @thehautepursuit is where fashion photography comes to flourish. Whether the shot is festooned with squiggles and hand-drawn overlays, incorporates zany street art, or captures beauty in even the most mundane moments (i.e. heading to the laundromat) – Vanessa just makes it work. Now, she’s even incorporating some pretty cool videography on the feed. Like this collaboration with Calvin Klein.

2. When it comes to fitness and wellbeing, Vanessa’s keeping it very real. Result.
According to Vanessa: “fit is a mindset and not a means to an end.” We couldn’t agree more. Her wellbeing philosophy encompasses less all-day active wear and more moments in the morning used to get charged for the day ahead. She meditates for at least 30 mins each day,  and commits to HIIT training & vinyasa yoga. Ommm. “When you start seeing exercise as a natural, fun part of your life, you’ll always be fit,” Vanessa says.

3. The Haute Pursuit is like a pot of gold at the end of the fashion blog rainbow
Buttercup Reishi Soup recipes to styling the ultimate power suit combo, you can find just about everything to fuel an entire marathon of procrastination on here. It’s polished, easy to navigate, and entirely addictive. PS: If you’re Iceland-bound anytime soon, or simply need an excuse to be just that, having a pore over Vanessa’s Travel edit here. It can only be described as breathtaking. There’s a whole lot of literary magic going on in the copy, too, jam-packed with where to stay, eat and go.

4. She graced the cover of L’Officiel Magazine Singapore last year, and woah
In a blog post in November last year, Vanessa reflected on her mammoth achievement of fronting a glossy, as well as being lauded in a lengthy inside spread. The L’Officiel feature was nothing short of stunning.

Well this is pretty cool isn’t it?,” she wrote. “I always wondered what it’d be like to shoot for something so major; how would I feel? I remember poring over my mother’s magazines as a child, idolizing models and celebrities [and] secretly harboring my own desires to ‘make it’ one day… I didn’t recognize it then, but what I was actually doing was planting my seed of intention. To be a person of influence, a voice in the fashion industry. And here it is, that seed fully abloom.”

5. Her beauty secret is no conventional cleansing routine
That crisp, blonde bob frames a face free of blemishes. It’s the kind of canvas we all want to be laying our foundation onto. When asked about her beauty routine, Vanessa revealed her adoration for a lesser-known form of skin therapy. “I’m a firm believer of infrared saunas, so I try to book a session several times a week after a workout. It’s great for cleansing your lymphatic system and pores! After a sauna, I will do a gentle scrub, apply several serums and moisturise,” she said.

All images via: Vanessa Hong | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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