Style Spotlight | How Mikutas has IG under her spell

Cool, stark and yet somehow oozing with vivacity and life, Jacqueline Mikuta’s blog maintains a digital aesthetic with unrivalled loyalty. Over on the ‘gram, @mikutas blends shades of blue, blurred fairy lights, and bleak overtones to create a stunning mood board of muted beauty.

If you’re a stranger, it’s time to get acquainted. She’s the Swedish blogger and photography extraordinaire who seems to touch down in a different country as we touch base on each regimented stalk.

Today, we’re relaying just a few of the compulsions that Jacqueline’s Insta grips us with every.damn.time.

1. Jacqueline and her fiancée are a duo to watch
February marked the one year engagement anniversary of Jacqueline and @klemenswhite on a glorious Maldives shoreline. It takes a brief perusal of their Instagram accounts (doubling up breathtaking photography diaries) to understand these two are kindred spirits. Behind the lens is where their styles truly intertwine. We’d like to apply for the role of professional third wheel. Barcelona laneways? Gallivanting through Sri Lanka? Sign us up, now. 2. If your vice is caffeine, look no further for a virtual fix than this grid
Jacqueline is a coffee habitué. Myriad uploads are churned out in a lustrous homage to liquid gold, chronicling coffee shop pit stops in her fast-paced itineraries. While the latte takes centre stage, each snap flaunts the accessories, garments and coffee table pimping cradling the cup. 3. We rarely see Jacqueline’s face
Her photography captivates us via the subtle nuances. Always a profile angle, shrouded by textured locks or a straw boater hat, Jacqueline’s photography feels somewhat selfless in its focus strictly on the places, the fashion and the adventures – sans the face. It’s a burgeoning tactic in the influencer scene, allowing any follower to envisage themselves in the outfit, or sitting on the couch in the lofty Air bnb on screen. And we kinda dig it.

4. The girl can surf
We’re used to seeing expansive sheets of blue on the horizon, but it’s not every day that our fave influencers grace the waves themselves. Effortlessly manning a surfboard is one of Jacqueline’s many cool-girl talents. We’re talking Blue Water High meets VOGUE with these occasional glimpses into her salty hobby.

5. The nomadic lifestyle she leads ignites the wanderlust in us all
If you make it through a lengthy scroll through these postcard-esque shots and don’t instinctively start googling accommodation on the canal in Amsterdam, we commend you for your self-control. The travel scenes are ever-flowing on Jacqueline’s ‘gram, and with every new locus comes a view somehow more jaw-droppingly better than the last. We are in a trance. 
All images via: Jacqueline Mikuta | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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