Style Spotlight | Bridget’s move from luxury publicist to blogger

Bridget Helene Bahl is the American beauty with the one-word Insta handle and the insanely ethereal feed. @Bridget is a wardrobe of clothing convictions, traveling tales and a rainbow of colour. But what the majority of her 500k followers may not know, is that this social media tycoon has an impressive history of fashion credentials she acquired before becoming a content creator.

A Bachelor in Fashion Merchandising catalysed Bridget’s reign. Today, we want to spotlight just a few of the steps, talents and quirks that moulded her trajectory from study to stardom…

1. Bridget’s career background is seriously cool
Spending five years prior to blogging bound to a public relations desk at Yves Saint Laurent (uh, woah), Bridget mastered a whole ream of skills before becoming a hotshot influencer. She says: “As you would assume, those years were filled with all things PR: venti soy lattes, stressful mornings during Vogue run-throughs, missing belts, all things Paris… laughs, tears, early mornings, late nights, champagne, iPhones, chargers, messengers, sample sales, sample sizes, lists [and] the adjective: chic.”

2. She goes all out to snap the dream shot
Honestly, if we were wearing our berets – we would take them off to the gal. From this Parisian lobby-boy accosting sesh to city shopping sprees with what seems like 1000 balloons in hand, Bridget doesn’t do her photos by halves. More is more. And we dig it.

3. Starting her blog was a major leap of faith
Now a veritable fashion vault, ANDIWASLIKE blog was once an untouched corner of the internet built on sheer ambition. Bridget admits that “as a fashion publicist who quits their job, you have two choices. You 1) call every editor you know and beg [and] plead and steal for an upgrade or 2) start a blog. So there I was. Just me and my MacBook Air.” Given this natural ultimatum, Bridget opted for the latter and threw herself into going digital. And boy are we glad she did.

4. Her favourite flick is a cult classic
In a recent spring fashion forecast, Bridget revealed one of her most treasured movies is an oldie but a goodie. She admits: “Instead of my usual go-to bright whites, bold colours and barely there silhouettes, I have taken a step in a new direction and am leaning towards menswear-inspired tailoring, stripes of all sizes and a muted spring color palette. Clearly I have been laying in bed all winter watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Okay, we’re prepping to implement that action plan as the leaves start to fall.

5. She’s not trying to craft an illusion of ‘perfection’
Despite the painterly portraits Bridget shares, she’s not about promoting a mirage. A few months back, she penned a post with a slightly different tone to the norm. Bridget confessed: “I’’m sure there are times where my Instagram feed can make my life seem ‘perfect’ and obviously that is not the case. We all have bad times, tough days, heart breaks. It can be tough supporting yourself as a single girl living in New York City. Sometimes I just want someone to cuddle me and tell me everything is going to work out. Sometimes it’s hard to be brave… Sure my life isn’t “perfect” and nothing has turned out like I expected it to, but MAYBE just maybe it’s going to turn out even better than I could have ever dreamed.” A-M-E-N. 6. Bridget’s part of the REVOLVE sisterhood
It’s no surprise Bridget belongs to this band of globetrotting (and trendy as anything) blogger-gypsies. Expect those sensational travel shots you already know and love. Oh, and you can even shop a curated selection of B’s fave garbs right here.

All images via: Bridget Helene Bahl | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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