Style Spotlight: Why Collage Vintage does travel like no other

Today, we shine our sartorial spotlight on one of the most coveted globetrotters. Collage Vintage – Sara Escudero’s patchwork quilt of perpetual travels and impeccable dressing. The hallmarks of Sara’s style? Think gloriously collated outfits against distant cobbled streets, with a constant tinge of wanderlust and a very apt, vintage aesthetic.

We drool over her croissant-clad breakfasts in bed, pine over her statement accessories, and never get over just how many corners of the world she has toured. Let’s talk just a couple of the facets that make Collage Vintage a style platform ahead of the pack…

1. She champions the power of the Insta girl gang
Sara constantly shares small odes to her nearest and dearest of fellow fashionistas in the front-running blogging scene and REVOLVE clothing sisterhood. Here, she matches teddy bear coats with the uber-cool @mikutas before gracing the f’rows of Paris Fashion Week. We’re dreaming of donning fluffy outerwear and joining the crew.

2. Her street style snaps never disappoint
It’s no secret that Sara’s Insta is an emporium of sensational dressing. Casually reclining on a Parisian balcony in a luxurious knit, or sauntering through Times Square in a killer frock, we’re taking serious note in her street style execution. Each ensemble perfectly meshes with its painterly backdrop, or makes a stark contrast with bold colour clashing.

3. The photography is down to Sara’s partner in crime, Diego Anciano
Okay, serious question: where can we get ourselves a Diego? While Sara often fronts the camera, her partner Diego is the one firmly fixed behind the lens. He’s a VOGUE contributor and houses his own snaps on a second account that draws fashion inspiration from the streets. Phwoar, it’s a feast for the eyes. We love the occasional, candid duo shot of these two celebrating their travels and flaunting their talents.

4. This girl is always on trend
Whenever a new trend crops up on our radar, we can first consult Sara’s blog for a trial and tutorial on nailing the look, before we deem it a fad or a must-have. Here, she nails the chic summer revival of the silk headscarf, paired with molten jewels and a stunning slip dress. How dreamy.

5. Her travel shots bring our Euro dreams to fruition
Sara’s grid weaves in and out of different continents, the colours and textures emanating from her images reflecting her current surrounds. Each couple of rows of photography conjures up a destination before swiftly moving onto the next. Blink and you will most definitely miss it. We were particularly besotted with the rainbow of colours awash her blog circa an Amalfi Coast stint in September 2017. Who wouldn’t be?

All images via: Collage Vintage | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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