Style Spotlight: 5 reasons why TezzaMB is our latest girl crush

Tessa Barton – or as some of you may know her best, Tezza – is the Girl Next Door with an unequivocal passion for living life to the full. The only way we can possibly keep up with her movements across the globe, her ever-changing music tastes, and the frocks she flaunts in her heel-clad outfit snaps are by navigating the blog, By Tezza.

Over on her Instagram [@TezzaMB], voluminous, blonde locks fall onto a pair of shoulders styled zealously with colour and contrast. Tezza’s photography is unmissable. Every luminous image that she uploads captures a sense of movement and exuberance that brings her feed to life. 

A musician, creative director, stylist and traveler… today, we scope out some of the quirks that make Tezza the most relatable style icon in town…

1. Tezza and her hubby were childhood sweethearts: Moving to the NYC with her husband Cole Hermann was only one of the myriad adventures this power-couple have shared. While most of us have probably had a glimpse at some of the stunning wedding photography when the couple tied the knot, we weren’t all-too familiar with the history they shared. The first chapter of this epic romance began at birth – yep, you heard right. Tezza and Cole’s parents were in fact close friends, and the two creatives grew up side-by-side, fostering a love for a lot of the same interests and fascinations.

2. She’s got a burning passion for all things music: Rock n’ Roll is Tezza’s mantra. ‘For those of you who don’t know, Cole and I have both played in bands for years. We are always jamming in our apartment, so I think it’s time we start sharing some music,’ she says. Frequent Spotify playlists are curated and shared by Tezza with her followers and blog readers, a conduit through which she oozes a strong adoration for sound. The best part? Her playlist blogposts are typically accompanied by a series of mood-reflecting street-style shots. We love the way she fuses her passions to conjure a patchwork of inspiration.

3. This girl is a blazer fiend: Tezza’s ultimate accessory is one with structured shoulders and a bold frame – the androgynous blazer. With textured hair and contrastingly feminine garbs underneath, the humble blazer often frequents Tezza’s grid to inject her outfits with an effortless edge. For all aspiring street-style photographers, this is one statement piece to add to the shopping cart, pronto.

4. She’s a workaholic, yet also knows how important R&R is for the soul: Despite leading an outrageously busy life, Tezza’s idea of the perfect day is one completely without plans. ‘You know when you wake up with zero plans and somehow the day just flows from one fun thing to the next without any effort? Cole and I woke up around 7 to make it to the Top of the Rock right when it opened at 8:00…I have been there 3 times now, and I have to say every single time it takes my breath away.’ Tezza proves that it’s never too late to unwind and become a tourist in your own city for a day.

5. Tezza is all about the nomadic lifestyle: Currently with wave-tousled hair in in the palm-lined paradise of Miami Beach, this city girl isn’t afraid of a little salt and adventure. In October we saw her sauntering through the regal gardens of Versailles, while in September Tezza took us vicariously to the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps. These dreamy backdrops, paired with immaculate styling and Tezza’s candid modelling create the most uncontrived and wistful travel photography we have seen in a while. Talk about living the dream.

All images via: TezzaMB | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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