Style Spotlight: 5 reasons to put Vivian Hoorn on your watch list

Gilded by faraway sunsets and a burning desire for all things photography, style and production, Vivian Hoorn is a fashion influencer with a ridiculous hoard of talent in her stride.

Through the barrel of her lens, Vivian transports both her followers and her clients to romantic destinations, as well as painting portraits of a variety of muses. She weaves in and out of colour, seasons and locations via her Instagram feed, reflecting the many fixtures her gaze oscillates on as a content creator.

Today, we’re running you through what it is that makes Vivian just so, darn compelling…

1. She’s an uber talented photographer
While she might house all of her outfit photos on her main Instagram account, Vivian has a smaller (yet by no means less awe-evoking) platform dedicated purely to her freelance photography, entitled @byvivianhoorn. It captures everything from scenic landscapes abroad to the quiet, everyday moments that we forget to stop and acknowledge in our hectic schedules.

2. She’s the hat master
This girl’s iconic hat collection is something else. We are dubbing her the queen of the beret revival yet every piece of headwear looks equally chic on her – from her straw boaters to the on-trend baker-boy.

3. She’s been a style icon from the start
As a young girl, Vivian recalls spending her weekends browsing the web for inspiration, often resulting in impromptu, solo shoots in her very own backyard. This coincided with her foray into the modelling world, where she found herself enchanted by the boundless energy on set. This bloomed into a fascination with the behind-the-scenes.

4. She helps decide where we should travel next
Although currently based in Amsterdam, Vivian has a severe case of wanderlust and an insatiable appetite for adventure. She recently jetted of to the Amalfi Coast of Italy, where we vicariously soaked up some glorious rays through her sun-doused flicks.

5. She’s a qualified operator
After completing a Bachelor’s degree in All-round Styling at Artemis Academy, Amsterdam, Vivian completed a stint of photography through a course at Fotovakschool. It was at these creative hubs that she garnered an impressive set of styling and photography skills and became wedded to the lens.

All images via: @vivianhoorn | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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