Style Spotlight: 5 of the best with Happily Grey’s Mary Lawless Lee

When it comes to Mary Lawless Lee of Happily Grey, we see endless hues and textures. While the name may suggest otherwise, this blogger operates in a vast palette of colours, places, people and passions. Her blog exhibits a constant flow of style snapshots, daily outfits and personal milestones.

With over 900k Instagram followers, Mary is swiftly approaching the big 1 mill. Is this amplified fascination down to the shoes and the garbs? Or is it all about the girl? We think the latter. Here’s 5 reasons why…

1. Her getaway diaries are supreme. Can we come next time?
January saw Mary documenting her tropicana sojourn in Thailand. We could endlessly flip through her postcards from Phuket, with a solid chunk of the grid standing as an ode to this mesmerising trip. From sandy flatlays of her go-to beach essentials at the shoreline, to loud, late nights with @camilacoelho, we can always count on Mary for some utopian holiday viewing.

2. She’s collabborating with one of the hottest new beauty empires…
One of Mary’s newest brand collaborations sees her swatching and pouting for Rihanna’s foray into beauty, Fenty. On Happily Grey, we soaked up shots of Mary doing her thang and playing with the brand’s latest drops – our idea of a helluva good time.

3. We’re still lusting over Mary’s Big Day…
‘9.17.17’ is a blog post retelling Mary’s fairytale wedding of last year. The photos are exquisite, lace-laden insights into a knot-tying occasion born to cameo on the pages of VOGUE. Seriously, we could take them (already have, ha) directly from her blog and prop them onto a mood board to inspire our very own walk down the aisle. Have a look here, you won’t regret it.

4. Um, she can pull literally anything off…
Pink pleats paired with Nirvana slogan sweats and knitwear and platform sneakers and… how?! How do all these seemingly incongruous puzzle pieces fit together in cool, street-style harmony when Mary dons them? She never fails to impress us with her knack to transform mismatched pieces into oh-so fashionable outcomes.

5. Striking a pose never looked so natural… and fun
Most outfit takes are paired with a deadpan expression and feel almost marred by a serious, unrealistic mood. That’s why Mary’s occasional, contradictory, carefree snapshots fill us with glee. We’re eternal advocates for the act of letting one’s hair down – and this gal knows how to do just that.

All images via: Happily Grey | Words by Genevieve Phelan

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