Shining the spotlight on vlogger and comedian Liza Koshy

Where do I begin with Liza Koshy? She’s my all-time favourite YouTuber – and not because of her 16 million+ subscribers, nor the fact she’s been making followers laugh since beginning her career on Vine in 2013, and absolutely nothing to do with the fact she’s mixed (“milk chocolate” as she describes) like me – this, by the way, gets me comparisons with friends. But I’m going to spare you ALL the details of why she’s my always obsession for the five points below…

Now, as tradition in Style Spotlight, we speak about the things that make our influencers a stand-out. And while I can personally guarantee you there are way more than the five things about Liza Koshy that makes her so genuinely phenomenal, I’ve pulled together my absolute top five reasons for why she’s so easy to fall in love with.

1. She lost herself last year
And showed us that that was perfectly okay. Liza isn’t always the type to get serious on videos, but being gone from YouTube for a year due to mental health called for an explanation. Instead of delving into why she was gone and what had happened, she shared the wisdom she gained over the year in a video titled “Why I took a break” posted on her second channel Liza Koshy Too earlier this week. In the video, she tells viewers: “The reason why I’m not telling you everything I’ve been through and where I’ve been is because I’m so focused now on where I’m gonna go. I didn’t want you to see the breakdown, so you saw the break.” Once again, Liza shows us how to put our best foot forward and not look back.

2. She’s an actress with a tonne of awards
A girl of many talents, Liza’s line of work isn’t limited to her hilarious videos. She’s starred in online films and shows such as YouTube Red’s Jingle Ballin’ and FML, Hulu’s horror series Freakish and the list goes on, just like her acting game. It’s won her four Streamy Awards, four Teen Choice Awards, and one Kids’ Choice Award. That’s not including the eight she was nominated for. Proof of her quality content.

3. She defines casual couture, yet isn’t afraid to go extra
She’s got a effortless wardrobe we’d die for that’s filled with monochrome stripes, tasteful crop tops, and oversized sweaters. It achieves that casual, carefree look that’s so iconic to her personality… but… being a casual queen doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go extra in the times you’re allowed to. From glittery gowns to crazy cuts, @lizakoshy encompasses all when in comes to making a statement on the big occasions.

4. Girl can dance
Like, really dance. And a little fun fact, she was captain of her dance team when she was at high school. Want to see her shake her booty? We got ya here.

5. She’s genuinely funny
She miraculously manages pull off the puns that many of us would tell our friends to “get out” for and puts a smile on our faces even in the dreariest hours. And she’s not alone to do it. Her alter-egos Jet, Carlos and cousin Helga all have a part to play in filling her YouTube comments with “this video was a masterpiece”. We’re inclined to agree.

All images: Liza Koshy

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