Shining the Spotlight on Bengali babe, Mishti Rahman

Born in Adelaide, Australia to immigrant parents, 26-year-old Bengali beauty Mishti Rahman is making her mark on the world – with 292K+ Instagram followers joining along for the ride. Her mission: To be a strong representation of Bengali women everywhere, with Mishti telling Good American that she hopes to “put Bangladesh on the map”.

With an enviable wardrobe and a feed that’s become a daily stopover, we’re taking a closer look at Mishti Rahman to find out what it is about her that is captivating followers.

1. A taste of tomboy
Choosing sneakers over a pair of boots or heels and telling Princess Polly that she’d love to try taking on the skateboard, Mishti isn’t afraid to break out of her feminine rep to take on something a little more rugged.

2. She’s true to her roots
With her background originating from Bangladesh, Mishti always ensures she keeps culture close via simple ways like eating biryani with her hands and finding comfort in her mother’s traditional dishes. In an Instagram post, she writes: “I hope I can keep making you, the Bengali gal, proud”.

3. The girl can act
Creating inspiring images for the Gram isn’t Mishti’s only skill she also holds a talent in acting and film, having previously studied both genres. Recently, she’s put this knowledge into practice, working on independent films.

4. Old school vibes
Taking inspiration from fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Portman, this girl knows just how to wear her way to the centre of attention through an array of pieces inspired by vintage glamour.

5. Subtle makeup
With natural beauty and flawless skin, Mishti’s a pro at bringing out her best features through the use of makeup. Avoiding caking and an overuse of face makeup, her staple has become the nude lip using the MAC Persistence Matte Lipstick.

All Images: Mishti Rahman

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