Roxy Jacenko talks what’s up next and being a “serial entrepreneur”

She’s long been dubbed the “PR Queen”, but you’d be almost 10 years behind the times if you thought publicity was the only career pursuit Roxy Jacenko had notched up on her resume. Since 2011, we’ve seen her go on to launch companies including Pixies Pix, Sweaty Betty PR, Ministry of Talent, 18Comms, Social Union, as well as taking on ambassador roles as the face of brands including Di Stefano, ACCOR, and John Frieda.

And then there’s her fashion accessories brand…

Earlier this year saw Roxy drop a range of grown-up accessories, currently available through the Pixies Pix website. With insider knowledge that when Roxy wears something on her Instagram feed it goes flying off the shelf, we were pretty sure this would be another pursuit bringing in the big bucks for the “more than a PR Queen”. And yep, we were correct.

Having recently spotted her new range of earrings dropping online, it spurred us into action to grab Roxy aside to find out more about her latest career pursuit. Here, she chats exclusively to Husskie about not only launching a fashion accessories brand, but the recipe to all her business success and what we can expect come 2020…

What made you decide to launch your own fashion accessories brand?
I came from a manufacturing family so have grown up around fashion, my family business was clothing manufacturing so it was something that was in the blood!

What has been the reception to it?
Amazing, we add new styles weekly and sell out in hours, which is so exciting. More recently we have added in jewellery in addition to hair accessories and bags aren’t far away!

How hands on are you with the brand?
I do everything from product development to packing the online orders, it’s my name on it after all – so it’s important to me in the early stages that I am very hands on. That said, I don’t know any different. With five companies, I believe the success has come from the fact that I work each and every business – nothing I do has a hands off approach.

Was the plan always to launch them on Pixies Pix or will you be looking at doing a separate website for the Roxy Jacenko accessories?
Pixie’s Bow business was an accidental business that has grown phenomenally since 2011. When I decided to add my range, I needed somewhere to house it – so it was a natural progression to add it to Pixie’s website as it was in existence and meant I didn’t have additional fees for the establishment of a website. Due to the growth and number of categories, we are building a standalone site which will launch early 2020 for my range.

Is doing your own brand something you’re highly passionate about?
I don’t know that it was something I am highly passionate about, I am a serial entrepreneur so I wanted to capitalise on the Instagram following I have as well as my books and Channel 10 Show ‘’I am Roxy’’.

If you had to pick a favourite between all five businesses you run – which one would you pick and why?
Pixie’s Bows and Roxy Jacenko Accessories, which is essentially one business – no question. There is the opportunity for creativity, PR, marketing, product development all in one go!

Roxy in her ambassador role for Di Stefano.

How do you split up your day to ensure all your businesses are running smoothly (as well as being a mum)?
I sit on the floor with my team and all businesses are housed within the same building meaning that nothing passes me. I don’t think too hard about how much I have to do, I just DO IT!

No wonder you’ve just been named an ambassador for coffee roasters Di Stefano. Are you pretty much running on coffee?
It’s actually really funny because I literally live on coffee. I didn’t have a wink of sleep last night thanks to sushi, which had to of been riddled with MSG randomly, but I am all perky after my Di Stefano Skim Piccolo! Ask me at lunch time and I’ll be up to my 6th! It makes the day fly and tastes delish.

And just lastly, with the year almost coming to an end – what can we expect from you in 2020?
‘I Am Roxy’, Channel 10 on your screens – here’s hoping!

All images: Roxy Jacenko

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