Roxy Horner: “Sometimes I don’t want to leave the house”

One thing that’s become quite clear from social media is to never judge a book by its cover. Don’t be sitting there thinking your favourite influencer has it all. While yes, they may live a glamorous life in front of the camera, they’re often suffering the same anxieties and life challenges as everybody else. Feelings of inadequacy are able to raise its ugly head whether or not it looks to outsiders that someone is living the “perfect life”.

A person who knows this only too well is influencer model Roxy Horner. While normally keeping her captions quite short and sweet – this morning saw Roxy take to the Gram to reveal a more raw side of herself and the industry. Accompanying a short video she recently did for Honey Birdette’s Do Not Disturb campaign, the post tackled the all too familiar theme of body anxiety – but with a positive message to go alongside the dose of reality.

Image credit: Roxy Horner provided by Honey Birdette

Here’s what Roxy Horner had to say: “I just want all girls and women to know that I’m my own biggest critic… Because of experiences in my life, sometimes I don’t want to leave the house, sometimes once I’ve got ready – I’ll look at myself in disgust because I hate the way I look.

“I’ll feel like I’m just not good enough to go anywhere, I’ll feel like everyone will judge me and a lot of the time I avoid people because of this. I know probably it can come across rude and I hate that, but it’s just major anxiety that I’ve suffered for years and I sometimes just need a smile or a hug.

“This probably stemmed from years of being bullied at school and when I started modelling from 13 years old hearing that I’m not tall enough, that I need to lose weight, that my bum’s too big, my hips are too wide, or my skin’s not perfect… But I’m so grateful and proud to say that my industry IS changing and thank goodness – now it is not every day that I feel like shit & it is becoming less and less. And somedays, like this day shooting for @honeybirdette, I truly loved and embraced my body – wearing and loving every piece of lingerie that I tried on made me feel amazing. Thank you ❤️”.

Main image: @roxyhorner

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