Petite Perspectives | An insight into the life of a micro influencer

First penning her name in the fashion industry through modelling, Sujata Singh’s career evolved to include a self-launched blog to her resume. Petite Perspectives was created as a platform to preach the importance of loving your little self.

Fuelled by her love of fashion, a passion for creativity, and the support of her photographer hubby, the Auckland-based micro influencer has gone on to grow her Instagram following to 11.5K with a page speckled with culture and high fashion.

In this special piece, Sujata gives us an exclusive scoop of the behind-the-scenes processes of Petite Perspectives, the unique works of micro influencers, and what it’s like climbing up the influencer ladder in New Zealand a job she’s already excelling at.

What inspired the beginnings of Petite Perspectives? Have you always been into fashion?
I was always interested in fashion and started my journey off in modelling, but I soon realised how difficult it was for petite women to make their “breakthrough” in the industry. That is what inspired me to start my blog. I wanted to start a platform where petite women would be inspired with high fashion and everyone could see that you don’t have to be a certain size to be fashionable.

How have you managed to build a following, what has helped boost numbers?
My numbers grew over time. I remember struggling with following and numbers in the beginning but as I became consistent with the vision of Petite Perspectives and started posting regularly, my following started to grow. I feel it was because my followers really started to see the messages coming through from my posting and stories that I started to gain loyal followers who engaged with me regularly.

How has your lifestyle changed since becoming an Instablogger?
I’ve got so much more attention to detail in how I dress, how I act and how I speak. I feel like I am representing “Petite Perspectives” in my normal day-to-day life. When I buy clothing, shoes or homewares, I think about if it will fit in with the image of my blog and if I would be able to use it on my blog for a post. I never thought I would become a camera or lens fanatic or be interested in photography and videography, but now I find that most of the time I am thinking of ways to learn more about photography or editing or ways of improving my blog and the content that I post.

What goes on behind-the-scenes to make the Petite Perspectives page what it is? Who takes your photos, how do you organise your feed, what is content selection based on?
My husband has been the biggest backbone of my blog. Since the day I started (and we were just boyfriend and girlfriend), he has been my photographer and sometimes also helps with ideas for the pictures taken and concepts. I try and plan my feed in terms of colours or in terms of what sort of content I post. I don’t like to post the same concept or type of image too many times, so when I work with brands or plan my shoots and images, I plan it a month in advance. This helps my posts be consistent.

What is the process of your work with brands, do you approach them or do they approach you? Do you work with any influencer agencies or companies?
This really depends. I mostly get approached by brands, but there has been the odd occasion where I have reached out to brands that I feel a connection with. A really good example of this is the skincare range that I am working with for my blog. I had actually bought the product for my personal use two years ago and the results were so, so good that I decided to write a (non paid) blog about it so the influencers having skin struggles could potentially give the product a try like me. This blog was picked up by the marketing department of the brand and two years later I am working alongside them.

There is a lot written about working with micro influencers as opposed to mega influencers. Have you witnessed a shift lately?
With micro influencers such as myself, I know there is better communication between blogger and their followers. My direct messages are filled with my conversations with my followers and I am very quick in replying to them. I think there is a sense of ownership and responsibility from the bloggers on what they post because they are so close to their followers.

Do you think living in New Zealand has any effect on the success of your account?
I do feel, because NZ is smaller, influencers can build more personal relationships with their followers and even brands so it does help in gaining projects + followers spreading the blog name (therefore increase in numbers).

What motivates you to create content for your Instablog?
I love being creative and portraying my idea of an image on my Instablog. I try and find inspiration in everything and use it in my blog.

All Images: Petite Perspectives

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