On the Instagram travel path with Gypsea Lust’s Lauren Bullen

5am on any given morning… Lazily scrolling a finger down my Instagram news feed, I pause sporadically along the way to like or comment on my favourites. And then the scrolling stops. A new post from Gypsea Lust. I move into her feed where I get lost amongst wanderlust shot after wanderlust shot of content creator Lauren Bullen’s travels around the world with boyfriend Do You Travel’s Jack Morris. A morning ritual I never tire of.

But while some fans take it to a whole new level – last week Lauren discovered a follower had directly replicated around 20 shots from both her and Jack – I’m one of the almost 600K Instagram followers who is happy to just sit back and enjoy the visual feast. And then it’s time to move on to Jack’s @DoYouTravel feed. Claiming 1.5 million followers of his own, this travelling Instagram power couple have been quick to fill the hole left from fellow influencers Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren’s split earlier this year.

Recently travelling to Australia for a friend’s wedding — Lauren is from northern NSW — Husskie managed to catch the 23-year-old on her flight path to discuss everything from getting started on Gypsea Lust to Jack’s influence and future business plans.

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What inspired you to start Gypsea Lust?
My twin, @elsa_wholesomelife, was what got me motivated to start Gypsea Lust — but obviously her page was focused on what she is passionate about. At the time I was travelling and that’s where I had seen my passion, so I decided to make my page about travel and lifestyle.

Have you always had a passion for photography?
I’ve always loved photography, but it wasn’t until I got a good camera around four years ago that I began to get more serious about it and learn how to use it as a creative outlet.

Do you enjoy working on campaigns with twin Ellie?
Yeah, I love working with Ellie on campaigns. It’s always so much more relaxed and fun, we know each other’s needs and are able to create such a variety of content! We can both learn a lot from each other, and there is such a difference to food photography and landscape.

Has Jack had any influence on the direction of Gypsea Lust?
Jack has had some influence on my account, for sure. Before I met Jack I wasn’t full-time travelling, I was just going back and forth from Australia all the time and mainly for jobs. He’s taught me a lot about photography and editing also.

How did you and Jack meet and when did you meet?
Jack and I met in March this year on a campaign with Fiji Tourism.

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Have you noticed your Instagram grow more rapidly since partnering with him?
My Instagram has certainly grown since being with Jack. Both of our accounts have grown rapidly. I think being a couple and doing it together is really special and unique in some ways. A lot of people can relate to a couple travelling, so it just works really well for us both.

What has been the favourite campaign you have worked on?
Favourite campaign — I’ll say Fiji, just because that’s where we met ^_^

What are your five favourite travel destinations?
My five favourite destinations are Samoa, Turkey, Greece, Bali, and the Maldives.

Where do you see Gypsea Lust headed?
I hope to see Gypsea Lust continue doing what it’s doing now, keep visiting unique locations and inspiring everyone to travel and visit these places.

What does your life look like in five years time?
Five years… so far away! Well there’s talk of beginning something exciting soon, so could see us still living in Bali and keeping busy with business. We will have to wait and see, I guess!


Words by Husskie Editor Yelena Fairfax. All images © Gypsea Lust.

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