Noa Ries: The top 10 ways to use Instagram to help empower women

In 2012, Vie Active founder Noa Ries had a vision: to build an activewear brand that would not only fuse performance and style, but would enable, empower, and inspire women to fully embrace the benefits of living an active life. Going far beyond just clothing, Vie Active wanted to develop a community of like-minded active women.

And they nailed it.

Extending this commitment to their website and social media, we’ve been impressed to watch how the brand has used Instagram to not only help market the clothing, but to also sell its messages of community and empowerment. Not an easy task to do.

After recently being given the opportunity to speak to Noa, we went straight to the crunch to find out just how one manages to inspire women via a series of squares. Here, the founder talks us through her top tips…

  1. Highlight real women doing things they love which brings out their best true selves
  2. Celebrate all shapes, sizes and forms that make women individual and strong
  3. Put positive, inspiring, reflective quotes in the copy of your photos
  4. Show that fitness can be found anywhere anytime (you don’t need to be in a gym to be fit)
  5. Don’t compare – embrace, support and encourage connection
  6. Show and live the meaning of #beflawsome by being perfectly imperfect
  7. Take it beyond the product and bring it into lifestyle (e.g. post workouts and recipes to live a healthier life)
  8. Show women who squat together and smile together make each other better – create a community by doing so!
  9. Create opportunities globally for women to come together over something they love (fitness!)
  10. And who doesn’t love pretty pictures of strong empowered beauties

All images: @vieactivewear

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