Love Stories with Rozalia Russian and Nick Russian

With news Rozalia Russian had signed on with Forever New as the face of this weekend’s Portsea Polo and the judge of the event’s Fashions on the Field – you’d think we’d choose the occasion to chat to her about all things style, with maybe some pony talk thrown in for good measure. While that would have made sense – that is absolutely not what we did…

Instead, we decided to sidetrack our interview entirely into talking about love. More importantly, getting Rozalia to be the victim of our latest Love Stories Q&A.

But before we did get completely caught up in grilling Rozalia on everything from how she met husband Nick Russian, to first dates, to how having kids has affected their relationship – we did manage to stay on track for 2 minutes to find out more about her Forever New/Portsea Polo ambassador role…

“I have been going to the Portsea Polo for almost 10 years now, it’s truly one of my favourite events of the year!” Rozalia tells us. “Forever New are the official women’s fashion partner at the polo – so when they asked if I would jump on board for this year’s polo, I jumped at the chance! For me, polo fashion is all about easy summer dresses in beautiful lightweight fabric and Forever New nail this every summer.”

Now, back to talking about all things love…

Rozalia Russian Portsea Polo ready in Forever New

How did you and Nick first meet? When was this?
We met almost 12 years ago at his nightclub ‘Eve’.

Were you friends before you started dating?
Haha, no! I was actually friends with one of his friends and he introduced us.

Did you know straight away that you liked each other?
I was instantly attracted to him and would get butterflies when he would message or call me – so the feeling was definitely there straight away, I was quite young when we first met though. When I first told Nick my name, he responded with: ‘Rozalia Russian, it just rolls off the tongue!” What I loved most about Nick when we first met that he was so himself and honest, I always knew where I stood and how he felt about me.

What did you do for your first date?
When Nick first asked me on a date, I was absolutely petrified as my parents said that he had to come into the house when he picked me up and introduce himself to my parents before I was allowed out! I was mortified!! Luckily, Nick actually found this such an amazing family quality and really respected my family and I from the very beginning.

I still remember he got stuck in terrible traffic and was about 2 hours late. I thought that maybe I was going to get stood up! Nick arrived and after coming inside and meeting my parents, he took me out for dinner to a restaurant called ‘Hairy Canary’ on little Collins St. What I later found out was that he had gone there the night before with his best friend to check out the restaurant and make sure it was perfect for our first date!

Rozalia wearing Forever New

What has been your most romantic date?
Probably the night Nick proposed. We were in Ravello in Italy and staying at the most incredible hotel that sits on a cliff and overlooks the entire Amalfi coast. We went out to dinner and the whole night Nick was stressing about his outfit and kept on getting changed. He couldn’t sit at the dinner table and kept on getting up and going for walks, I didn’t know what was going on. Our main courses then came out and when we were enjoying a bowl of pasta, he proposed.

Best relationship moment?
Nick’s face on our wedding day when he saw me walking down the aisle for the first time. The look on his face is an expression I will never forget.

Has having children changed the relationship?
Absolutely! It definitely brings you closer together because it’s not just about the two of you. It’s also a lot of work. Because you are constantly busy with the kids, the time you spend together is usually cooking and cleaning up dinner or doing the bath/bed routine – sometimes you may not have as much time with just the two of you. That’s why organising date nights when they’re possible is so important to us as it really gives us a chance to enjoy our time together.

Wedding flashback

Why do you think the two of you make such a great couple?
We have always and still make each other laugh every day. We also work as a team and have each other’s back, this is so important when it comes to kids and our family – we always back each other!

How would you describe Nick and how would he describe you?
I would describe Nick as loyal, driven, and a true gentleman. He would describe me as being funny, kind hearted, and a good cook (haha!).

What’s the thing you most love about each other?
We make each other laugh.

All images: Rozalia Russian with Nick Russian

Forever New will be hosting an exclusive Forever New Marquee at the Portsea Polo. The Forever New Polo range is currently available online and in store.

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