Love Stories with Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull

Set up by friends in early 2016, engaged in late 2017, and a wedding happening “soon” it’s certainly been a whirlwind few years for fashion blogger/influencer Elle Ferguson and her former AFL-playing partner Joel Patfull. But while the last 12 months has seen them doing everything from holidaying in Paris with Victoria’s Secret to attending Coachella with Revolve, when you see these two casually walking their staffy Sadie down Bondi Beach in their distressed denims you could be mistaken for thinking they’re just your everyday couple [albeit, a very good looking, highly stylish couple].

Landing back in Australia today after a week in the US, we pulled Elle and Joel aside to talk all things relationship from first dates at a pub to proposals at sunset (plus, a little sneak peek into what to expect from their wedding…)

How did the two of you first meet?
Elle: Joel and I met in April 2016. We met through friends of friends of friends… and somehow ended up finding out we only lived like six houses apart in Bondi!

Were you friends before you started dating?
Elle: We had never met before and I actually googled him before we met. It was those blue eyes…

Did you know straight away that you liked each other? Did you think it was going to be a long-term thing?
Joel: I knew straight away that Elle was pretty special. We just had coffee but I couldn’t wait to see her again and take her on a proper date.
Elle: The first night we went on a proper date, I was so nervous. I couldn’t get dressed – like could not find the perfect outfit – and then when I finally got dressed (in the strangest outfit ever) and came down the stairs, Joel had a bunch of flowers for me. I knew in that moment that this was something so special. This was different.

What did you do for your first date?
Elle: So I had cancelled on Joel like five times, so when we finally decided on an actual date night – we were going to do dinner but then where we were going didn’t take reservations. When we got to the restaurant, the wait was forever so we ended up at a pub around the corner and just had a really nice dinner where we couldn’t stop talking. On the way home, we randomly decided to go bowling – and the funniest part was attempting to bowl in the worst outfit ever! But we will never forget it.
Joel: It was so random but super fun. We’ve gone bowling on our anniversary of that date every year since then, even when we’re travelling.

How did the relationship go from first date to properly dating?
Elle: Ha ha ha, that one’s for Joel!
Joel: I think the fact that we lived on the same street helped that. Even if we didn’t want to go out, we could just walk up the street and hang out. It was actually the best!

You do some pretty epic trips away together. What has been the best one and why?
Elle: Oh wow, we have had so many – but at the top of the list would be Paris with Victoria’s Secret where we walked the streets at 6am and just fell in love with the city and each other, Hawaii with Billabong because waking up to the sound of the ocean with the one you love is magic, and finally Coachella with Revolve – dancing to Lorde as the sun goes down will be with us forever. The best part is that all the moments I was holding Joel’s hand.
Joel: There have been so many, but I think it’s Hawaii for me. It’s such an amazing place and the North Shore is so special. Also, any time we get to go to Byron is pretty special. It’s our happy place and we have shared so many memories up there.

What has been your most romantic date?
Elle: Oh goodness, there has been so many amazing moments for us… but last December 27th at sunset, Joel had planned a dinner date for us that ended up him proposing to me – that was THE BEST DATE EVER.
Joel: Definitely the day we got engaged was by far. I know it’s a bit of a cheat because it’s so major, but it was in Byron on the beach. The sun was setting and we were barefoot on the sand. We walked up to Rae’s and had dinner and drinks with Elle’s sister after. It was pretty magic.

Talking about the engagement, congratulations! Elle, were you expecting it?
Elle: I had absolutely no idea… like none! Long story short, it was pure perfection and I still don’t believe it.
Joel: Everything about it was just special to us. Like I said before, Byron is our happy place – so I couldn’t think of a better way of doing it than asking Elle on the beach as the sun was going down. Elle’s sister Lucie and I had designed the ring and I made sure she was there hiding in the bushes to be part of it.

Any sneak peeks on the wedding you can give us?!
Elle: Hmmmm, all I can say is that it will be 100% us and we will be doing everything our way.
Joel: This has to be my most asked question! All I can say is that it will be soon and everything about it will reflect Elle and I.

Why do you think the two of you make a great couple?
Elle: We are best friends, we support each other, we can laugh at each other, and most of all – we respect and adore each other.
Joel: So many reasons, but I think we just have so much in common. We share the same values and have the same ideas about life. She is also the most amazing person I’ve ever met, so that helps!

How would you describe each other?
Elle: Two words: Mr. Cool
Joel: I’ve said this before, but Elle is the girl that I always wanted to be with but never thought I would actually find. Besides the fact she is beautiful inside and out, she is also the most loving and loyal person who would do anything for anyone.

What’s the thing you most love about each other?
Elle: I love that Joel feels like home.
Joel: Elle makes me happy and she inspires me every single day.

All images: Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull.

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