Love Stories: Amy Maree Comber and Jono Castano

With over 800K+ Instagram followers between them, Amy Maree Comber and Jono Castano are quite the Instagram power couple. But they didn’t start out that way. In fact, they were together long before Instagram was even a thing (although social media may have played a part in these two getting together).

As the wedding day draws close and off the back of Amy’s hens over the weekend, we decided she and Jono were the perfect couple for our latest Love Stories. Here, we pull Amy aside (with a little interjection from Jono) to talk everything from first dates to wedding previews…

How did you and Jono first meet?
We actually first started talking on MySpace close to 11 years ago now! We then accidentally bumped into each other at a club and the rest was history.

Were you friends before you started dating?
Does MySpace friends count, haha?! No, we weren’t.

Did you know straight away that you liked each other? Did you think it was going to be a long-term thing?
Definitely straight from MySpace we knew we liked each other. I remember we chatted for hours and hours before we even met – I knew it was going to be a long term thing for sure. Jono was playing soccer at the time and would leave Australia for 6-12 months at a time and every time he came back it was like he never left.

What did you do for your first date?
Our first date was at a sushi train. Jono knew the guy there and he kept sending us random dishes like octopus balls & grilled eel… I am not an adventurous eater at all so we both kind of looked at each other as each dish came out, like ‘oh noooo, who’s going to try it so we aren’t rude…’ ?

How did the relationship go from first date to properly dating?
Our relationship was not your typical start. Jono and I were actually so obsessed with each other – we always wanted to spend time together, however, we always knew that in a few months he would have to jet off to play soccer again. So dating for us was long distance for a very huge chunk of our relationship.

What has been your most romantic date?
Jono surprised me for Valentine’s Day one year. He blindfolded me and drove me to a location – I had to wait in the car until he finished setting up. He got me out of the car, walked me a little, and took my blindfold off. We were smack bang across from the Harbour Bridge and there was a cheese & sushi platter, champagne and about 50 candle lanterns lit up. I was wondering why he took so long to set up!

Can you tell us about your engagement proposal? Were you surprised?!
We were actually in Maui, Hawaii at the time and it was my birthday. I was getting ready in the room to go out to dinner and Jono said he was going to go downstairs to book a turtle tour for the next day. I then get a knock at the door and it was concierge who said he was going to escort me to dinner as Jono is already down there. I was like: ‘Okkkkay this seems like a very fancy dinner!’

The concierge took me to the beach, the sun was setting, and I walked down these stairs and there was Jono surrounded by candles and rose petals everywhere! He worked with the chef at Four Seasons Maui and created a menu of all of my favourite foods for the night. It was absolutely magical ♥️

I was so surprised! Jono and I discuss everything, but he designed my ring and organised all of this without me knowing.

Any sneak peeks you can give us into what to expect from the wedding?
We wanted to do something different and unique to us so we decided to have it away from Sydney with all our family and close friends. We wanted to bring a little piece of romance from Spain/Italy, so we are working with some incredible suppliers who have put together an amazing theme and we just can’t wait to see it come to life. It’s not exactly your traditional wedding.

Why do you think the two of you make a great couple?
Jono is super easy going and acts quickly when it comes to making decisions. Me, on the other hand, I am such a forward thinker and am extremely organised so I always plan ahead. Jono has taught me to be more flexible when things don’t go to plan and I keep him organised.

We are extremely open with each other and with close to 11 years under our belt (and some of that long distance), we know the importance of trust, communication and keeping the romance alive.

Do you enjoy doing similar things?
We do! We both enjoy fitness, great food, & travelling. We are also very driven and self starters so even though we both have our own businesses/projects, we still are able to bond over helping each other out and bouncing ideas off one another. I also love that Jono is into the beauty things I do! We go get facials, our brows, and hair done together. It’s actually really nice being able to spend that time with one another as those things do take a huge chunk out of the day. However, we both think, although it’s important to take an interest in each others lives, it’s also important to have time separately with friends.

How would you describe Jono? How would he describe you?!
Jono is one of the hardest working people I know! He works 7 days a week and is an extremely confident and strong-minded person. He is very passionate about his views and a generous man with a big heart. He is a big people pleaser and loves to make everyone laugh.

So… as I was answering this question, I yelled out to Jono: “How would you describe me, babe?” and he wanted to answer it himself, so the below is actually Jono: ?

Jono would describe me as… “A girl that never gives up till she gets what she wants. Her dedication in everything she does is second to none – a perfectionist. She’s beautiful inside and out and warm-hearted and open, never judges anyone by their cover, and is always the first person to help anyone in need – a perfect human.”

Thing you most love about him?
Being together for 10 years, there is way too much I love about Jono to even choose. I have watched him grow into the amazing man he is today. Even though so much has changed in our lives and in ourselves since we first met, he is still the man I fell in love with. I love that the spark, the romance, the butterflies… they are all still there. ?

All images: Amy Maree Comber and Jono Castano Acero

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