Kayla Itsines on the best times to post on Instagram

You don’t get 5.8 million Instagram followers without having a few tricks up your sleeve, which is why Kayla Itsines makes the perfect prey for getting a couple of quick social media tips from. With posting times a popular discussion topic between Instabloggers, Husskie hears from Kayla on the best time to post for maximum hits.

“When you’re posting, it depends where you are and who your target market is. My target market is obviously global, so I’ll post for each country. Make sure you know when the country is waking up,” reveals Kayla.

“If I was to only post at the peak time for Sydney, there could be a split and the people in America wouldn’t be targeted. If you’re trying to get global hits, you’re posting at six o’clock in the morning and 10 o’clock at night – making sure each country is able to see your post.”

Image: @kayla_itsines

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