Jayde Archives on growing her IG account from 2K to 28K in 6 months

In December last year, Jayde Archives travel influencer Jayde Scukovic was sitting on around 2,000 followers where she’d been for the past 1.5 years. What’s more, her engagement level wasn’t the best. Just 6 months later, and she’s on a following of 28.6K with an engagement rate of 10 percent – most posts receiving 3,000+ likes.

With constant DMs about her growth, today saw Jayde release an IGTV video titled: “Everything I know about How To Grow Your Instagram”. And while she says there is no set formula or steps 1,2,3 that “will guarantee your following will grow…” She goes on to say: “There are definitely some tips that I have learnt along my journey that I feel are really valuable and could help anybody.”

In line with the video, we decided to get in touch with Jayde to get her top 10 quick tips on growing an Instagram following:

1. Stick to a very tight niche/style. Take the time you need to find your niche, it took me over a year to figure out mine
2. Remember success doesn’t happen overnight, the big accounts you see generally put in a lot of hard work and many hours getting their name out there (especially in the beginning). I spent over a year and a half at 2000 followers before I started growing
3. Spend 2-3 hours a day engaging with accounts that you think will like your content (a good way to find these is through the followers lists of accounts with a similar niche to yours)
4. Leave genuine comments
5. Don’t use bots or follow/unfollow – you might gain followers but they won’t be engaged

6. I decided against using pods, I found my time was better spent engaging with different accounts everyday rather than the same ones over and over again
7. Meet up with other content creators – it’s a great way to network, start collabs and talk with like-minded creatives
8. Post consistently, once per day works well for me
9. Use Stories as often as you can and use Live Stories now and again
10. Don’t fall into the trap of taking numbers personally or comparing yourself to other accounts, remember you are building your personal brand which is a business – use your business mind for your account. The beauty about a personal brand is it’s yours and nobody else can be you, so there is no need to stress about competition.

For more detailed advice from Jayde on growing your Instagram, head to the Jayde Archives IGTV video “Everything I know about How To Grow Your Instagram”.

All images: Jayde Archives

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