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One thing we often get asked at Husskie is what kind of dollar value influencers are pulling in per post and whether or not we think influencer marketing really is the bees knees of advertising. In fact, one of our highest performing articles on the site to date takes a look at how much money top influencers are generally making on Instagram.

Someone who knows the answers to these questions only too well is TRIBE head of creator and brand partnerships Georgie Cavanagh. Living and breathing the world of influencers, TRIBE is a marketplace which connects influencers with brands to create word-of-mouth recommendations at scale. Launching just 22 months ago, TRIBE has represented over 20K influencers and delivered 3.5K brand campaigns generating 150K pieces of content. They’ve also paid out more than $AUD3 million dollars to creators. Not bad!

Below, we get Georgie to answer all our burning questions on why influencers are getting paid to post, investing in micro influencers, and the one we’ve all been waiting for – just how much each can earn per post.


Why are influencers being paid to post about products?
We classify an influencer who is someone with over 3K followers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. These are everyday people who have built up their following around a particular passion or expertise such as gardening or fitness to share with their community. Brands are now catching on and keen to be part of this conversation. I mean, who better to create content that users will love, than the users themselves?

Is this a good investment for a brand? Why?
Absolutely it is a good investment. Rather than paying one ambassador $5K for one post to reach 500K followers, they can now pay 20-30 Influencers for the same price thanks to technology. This means brands can be part of more conversations, increasing their noise and excitement.

Up until now, we’ve been limited in advertising. Having to focus on WHAT is said. Technology now allows us to orchestrate… WHO says it. What I love most is how everyday people really, really want to become MARKETERS for the brands they know and love, and TRIBE helps them do this.

Is it a good investment for a brand to pay someone who only has a small following (say 3K)?
The smaller the tribe the more potent the influence, which in turn creates more conversions for brands. I read a stat the other day mentioning consumers now go up to 10 touch points before making a purchase decisions, many of these digital, so it is important that brands are across all of these channels.

As our man Mr Zuckerberg puts it: ‘A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message’. Think about the last thing you recommended to a friend: ‘Oh you must watch this new Netflix show’. ‘Have you tried this new brunch place?’ Or, ‘That wine is divine’. These recommendations are powerful because they’re honest and from a trusted source. Influencers allow brands to have these authentic conversations at scale.


Why do you recommend investing in micro influencers?
Micro influencers are believable and relatable. You are more likely to see them walking down the street or in the aisles of your supermarket, unlike a celebrity. These are your genuine customers who love your brand. They aren’t going to promote something they don’t stand by, otherwise they know their tribe can simply unfollow them.

The industry is really changing. It used to be about the Insta Famous or those with 1m+ followers, but now it is about everyday content creators. They’re not models or professional stylists, but their content is high quality and in the exact visual tone that we know their audiences like.

Is there much discrepancy between people in a category? Say someone with 3K followers asking for $150 and someone asking for $400? Why is this?
At TRIBE, we say someone with 3K or 4K followers should ask for around $75 and someone with 100K followers should ask for around $500. An example rate card is listed below. However, beyond follower numbers, brands are now realising that an influencer’s engagement is a vital prerequisite. On average, a TRIBE influencer earns about $200 per post and our top earners are now making over $1000 a week through the platform.

  • 3K-10K = $75 – $150
  • 10K-25K = $150 – $220
  • 25K-50K = $220 – $350
  • 50K-100K = $350 – $500
  • 100K+ = $500+

Which of these groups would you most recommend a brand investing in?
It depends on their objectives, but we usually see brands coming into TRIBE and buying about 20-30 pieces of content from influencers with a variable number of followers. This gives both strong reach and a mass of influencer-generated content which can be re-shared on the same social channel, or we’re now also seeing brands buying the rights to this content and using it in paid advertising. 95% of our creators have less than 100K followers and the technology allows our clients to manage a volume of influencers in the same time it takes to have a single conversation with a top tier influencer; however we also see brands running top tier influencer campaigns in parallel which can work very effectively to cover all ends of the market.


Download TRIBE INFLUENCER in the Apple App store or visit tribegroup.co

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