#FridayFlatlay: Clean lines and fashion finds

Heading into the weekend, at Husskie we’re all about the denim and flats. And it seems influencers are too – with @saasha_burns, @stylevoguevibes, @racheljames__, @kirstenanderton, and @rinelle_h all incorporating this look into their flatlays this week. A big fan of the minimal clean lines, see below for out pick of the five best flatlays from the week.

Missed out on our latest #FlatlayFriday round-ups? Check them out herehere, and here. If you’ve got a great flatlay you want considered for Flatlay Friday (or know of someone who has), tag #thehusskiepack on Instagram or leave a comment at the bottom of this article.

1. Saasha Burns

2. Style Vogue Vibes

3. Kirsten Anderton

4. Rachel James

5. Rinelle H

Main image: @Rinelle_h

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