#FlatlayFriday: Stand-out beauty flatlays

It’s Friday, so you know what that means for Husskie… #FlatlayFriday! Each day we scroll through hundreds (literally) of Instagram feeds to pick out the best flatlays, so that on Friday we can deliver you the best of the best for the week (without you having to wade your way through the some-what dubious flatlays that can be found out there).

This week’s picks come from @mylizaveta, @barbirodriguez, @igorodnitskaya, @glamzee, and @ozproductjunkie. Enjoy!

Missed out on our latest #FlatlayFriday round-ups? Check them out herehere, and here. If you’ve got a great flatlay you want considered for Flatlay Friday (or know of someone who has), tag #thehusskiepack on Instagram or leave a comment at the bottom of this article.

Image: @mylizaveta


Image: @igorodnitskaya


Image: @Ozproductjunkie


Image: @barbirodriguez


Image: @glamzeee

Main image: @barbirodriguez

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