#FlatlayFriday: A little exploration of Instagram’s ‘Explore’ function

I’ve never really used the ‘Explore’ function of Instagram that much. Every time I do, it just seems to show me a whole lot of posts that I’m just not that into (although I think it’s supposed to be a reflection of what you like – so maybe I’m sending a few mixed messages out there!)

After a chat with one of my friends earlier in the week, I decided to give it another go for this week’s #FlatlayFriday – and was pleasantly surprised by what I came across. Below, we take a look at the five best Flatlays found from my ‘Explore’ trawling…

Missed out on our latest #FlatlayFriday round-ups? Check them out herehere, and here. If you’ve got a great flatlay you want considered for Flatlay Friday (or know of someone who has), tag #thehusskiepack on Instagram or leave a comment at the bottom of this article.

1. Venus Was Like

2. The Pink Diary

3. Jennifer Chong

4. Username Ida

5. Theresa Jeffs

Main image: @thepinkdiary

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