The 5 totally impressive nail art influencers you need to be following

With over 20 years of experience in the nail and beauty industry and with her own blog focused on all things nails, who better to talk through the top five nail artists on Instagram than Polishperfect.co editor and founder Lynda Le. Here she talks through the five you need on your radar…

Nail polish is one of the most interesting ways a person can get creative with their appearance, and many people are looking to Instagram influencers as a way to keep up with the latest trends. The influencers in this post are all famous for their nail art, but each has a unique style of their own – from minimal to edgy, playful to elegant.

Below, we take a look at the five nail art influencers that are at the top of the game…

Jessica Washick: Sporteluxe
Jessica Washick has an Instagram aesthetic that’s instantly recognisable. Her nail art is simple and pared down, often featuring geometric designs superimposed over her natural nail bed – one of the biggest trends in nail art currently.

Her minimalist aesthetic is coolly modern, impeccably precise, and just outside the realm of “I-could-do-that-myself”. It’s both playful and inventive; her black-and-white striped take on a French manicure, for example, finds the entire nail surrounded in an oval of colour – rather than just on the tip.

Image credit: @jessicawashick

Aliciatnails‘ Alicia Torello: Fresh modernism

Alicia Torello injects playful colour into a modern, pared-down style. Featuring a mix of ultra-minimalist designs and cheerful geometric patterns, she presents a fresh take on modernism.

Often her designs seem to stem from natural inspiration, like the rounded droplets of leaves found at the base of her nails for the runway show by the brand Creatures of Comfort. Others, such as a designs featuring the Chanel or Champion logos, speak to a familiar American interaction with brands.

Image credit: @aliciatnails

Lexi Martone: Modern goth
Lexi Martone is a different kind of Instagram influencer. With a heady, updated gothic style, her long pointed nails are at the same time fearsome yet totally unforgettable.

Painted with intricate drawings that include childhood cartoon characters, stylised gore, skeletons, and the occasional large rhinestone or metallic embellishment – her maximalist style has earned her a following cast of over 100K. A recent collaboration with China Glaze using their new My Little Pony collection gives her the highest rank of influence.

Image credit: @leximartone

Chelseaqueen‘s Chelsea King: Poppy and playful
With a poppy and playful style often featuring cartoonish elements throughout, Chelsea King likes to have a little fun with her nail art. And she’s bringing her own take on length. Unlike most Instagram nail artists – who want more surface area for their designs, King’s nails are always kept short and don’t extend past the tip of her finger.

Long nails can look exquisite but aren’t always practical for everyday life. King’s nails are utterly attainable in length, although her nail art takes expert skill. Her selection of brands, too, is familiar – OPI, China Glaze, and Sally Hansen are readily within the price point for most.

Image credit: @chelseaqueen

Karengnails‘ Karen Gutierrez: Refined elegance
Largely featuring impeccable single-colour manicures in modern, refined colours, nail artist Karen Gutierrez is a nail artist whose work even the most artistically-challenged person should be able to copy at home. Her photos are minimalist, with her manicured hand clutching the appropriate bottle of polish. Her nails are long, but not extraordinarily so.

Most striking is the mix of polish finishes; rather than the satin shine that most polishes carry, she leans towards modern, unexpected matte shades that give her simple manicures an edge. When she does add in a second colour or an embellishment, it’s always understated – letting the precision of the polish do the talking.

Image credit: @karengnails

Main image: @chelseaqueen | Words by Lynda Le | To learn more about the world of nail art, click here to head over to Lynda’s blog Polish Perfect.

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