Fitness on Toast’s five top tips on succeeding as a health blogger

In 2013, half-Swedish half-English personal trainer Faya Nilsson founded her blog – Fitness On Toast, a place she shared healthy and unusual recipes, nutritional tips, workout ideas, and fitness fashion looks. It’s gone on to win both the Cosmopolitan and UK Blog Awards ‘Best Lifestyle Blog’ as well as receiving glowing recommendations from Teen Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

In an article published earlier today on Get The Gloss, Faya delved out her five key pieces of advice on becoming a successful health blogger:

  1. “My most valuable piece of advice would be to write about a subject that you have a genuine and differentiated view. I think it’s important to be yourself and use your own voice when writing because occasionally we all encounter a platform where everything feels a bit ‘forced’ and there’s a distinct impression that what’s being written isn’t genuine.”
  2. “Only write about something you’re genuinely passionate about.”
  3. “Focus on your writing. While I’m by no means the grammar police and admittedly make mistakes with my missives, sloppy spelling mistakes are a proper turn-off. Spending a little time crafting the message means that people should be happy to take your work seriously, to consider it professional.”
  4. “Invest in a good camera. In 99.9 per cent of my blog posts, I use my own imagery, and indeed across Instagram and Twitter too. The reason I go to some lengths over the photographic component (often doubling the amount of time it takes to put a post together) is because I think that original imagery can really transform and lift the written content I’ve taken time to craft.”
  5. “Engage and network. Whether you’re left with 1 or 50 comments, try to reply and engage because someone has taken the time not only to read the post, but was also moved enough by it to make a comment.”

Click here to read the article in full on Get The Gloss.

All images: @FitnessOnToast

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