How to create a successful YouTube channel in 9 steps

Okay, I’m doing it. I’m going to go all newsy on you and throw around a number before jumping into this article. Why? Because this number is so phenomenal, I think it’s good for us all to be a little aware of it…

In 2017, YouTube has over ONE BILLION users. That’s almost one third of the internet [which weirdly made me have a lol moment at the thought of Dad watching a beauty how-to video, anyway… back to the article…] And not only are there a billion users, but each day users are also watching a billion hours of video. EACH DAY.

With top YouTuber PewDiePie Swedish comedian Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg estimated to have a net worth of $US25 million, it’s little wonder that YouTube is heaving with people trying to get a piece of the pie [so to speak]. Only problem is, it’s now a very saturated market – making it rather hard to get any traction in the space.

While we’re yet to really explore having our own channel at Husskie* [did I say yet?! Stay tuned… :)], the experts over at US social media site are all over this. Recently releasing their infographic “How To Create A Successful YouTube Channel”, we’ve delved into all the information available below – pulling out and exploring their nine top pieces of advice.

1. Start with your why
Before kicking off your channel, you need to know your who, what, when, why, where and how
Who: Is going to watch my videos?
What: Type of content will I create?
When: Have people done this before in the past?
How: Will I improve my content?
Where: Do I want this channel to take me?
Why: Do I want to start?

2. Choose a name for your channel
You need a name that not only reflects your channel, but one that people can remember. Don’t try and be too tricky with this one!

3. Set-up Profiles
Once you’ve chosen your name – make sure it’s available across all social media channels as you’re probably going to want to have a presence across multiple (think Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc)

4. Create a professional website
To help maximise your channel, it’s a good idea to not only host it on YouTube, but to also register a domain and develop an online space where people can find your videos.

5. Take care of branding
To help your channel look as schmick as possible, create a visually appeasing (and brand reflecting) logo that makes your content easily recognisable. Profile pictures should show off your best angle, and it’s not a bad idea to include a watermark on each video.

6. Invest in equipment
Whether you choose to opt for an action camera such as a GoPro, a DLSR camera, or just a point and shoot – make sure each have video quality that is up to scratch. Recommended lens include the Canon 1.4, the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8, and the Canon 10-18mm f/4.5 – 5.6. And for the really serious YouTubers, you might want to think about a RODE Video-Micro, Soft Box and Tripod.

7. Produce click-worthy content
Gaining traction in the market might be hard, but it’s a good idea to stick to the below rules when it comes to content…

  • Stay keyword focused – create content that is relevant, up-to-date, and that people are likely to be looking for
  • Click-bait titles – Play around with the headlines so that it’s attention-grabbing (and a little mysterious!)
  • Collabs – Help grow your fan base by teaming up with other YouTubers

8. Monetise your video
Yes, it’s true, you can make a killing on YouTube [Editor’s note: In light of recent events, please, please don’t do anything too extreme in order to boost your views]. With videos, it’s possible to make anything from 10 cents to $6 per 1000 views. Other ways to monetise include brand sponsorships, merchandise deals, clothing sales, fan funding, book deals… the list goes on.

9. Success tips
Last but not least, the four simple rules for helping you succeed:

  • Name your audience – Give your followers a name (e.g. Lady Gaga calls hers the “Little Monsters”)
  • Plan your content – Decide on your topic and stick to it with well planned out content
  • Post regularly – Let your audience know when to expect your posts and don’t make them too infrequent – fans appreciate loyalty and dedication
  • Attend conferences – Attend YouTube-specific conferences and meet-ups to not only help learn from one another, but to also create a community.

Main image: Style vlogger @chrisellelim

*Technically we do have a YouTube channel, however, sadly at the moment not much love has gone into this platform.

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