Embracing the French Girl spirit with Taylor LaShae

Being shorter than “your average model”, 16-year-old Taylor LaShae went about working behind-the-scenes of modelling shoots until the birth of Instagram brought her closer to the front of the camera. The Texan-born, French-Colombian influencer and film actress has since rounded up a remarkable 622K following on the Gram and added ‘it-girl’ to her list of titles.

Her stylish aesthetic has seen her strut down runways for top brands, be featured in a range of top magazine publications, star in a number of films, and even work for several commercial ads such as MTV VMA and Spotify National Campaign.

The five-foot-tall beauty with a quirky personality has us wanting to dig deep to know what it is about her that is captivating followers. She was on our list of top influencer hair trends, one of our favourites for Paris Fashion Week street style, and today, Taylor LaShae’s got the stage to herself in this week’s Style Spotlight.

1.  French Physique
With her iconic French bob, classic red lips, and a beret handy in her back pocket, Taylor embodies the vivacious French girl spirit effortlessly making the LaShae name proud.

2. Vintage Chic
Scrolling down her page, you’ll notice an elegant mix of lace bodysuits, silk dresses, funky animal prints, and cateye glasses steeped in vintage vibes. Not to mention that so many of her pictures are speckled and tinted, features that mimic those achieved by antique cameras.

3. She’s a movie star
Studying at Nina Murano Studio, Taylor perfected the art of Meisner acting, an approach that focuses on the actor’s ability to “get out of their head”. Taylor has since acted in movies like The After (2013) and Je T’Adore (2014), and made appearances in the short horror movie Cassette and HBO’s Terence Winter. Broadening her portfolio to star in Manilla Killah’s music video Walking with a Ghost, we’re convinced there’s just no limit to this girl’s talents.  

4. Her surprising hobby
Taylor proves to us once again that she isn’t just a pretty face through her interest in, believe it or not, the complexities of astronomy.  She told Byrdie, “I’m a huge space nerd. I grew up in Houston, and a lot of my friends’ parents were astronauts. I love asking why we’re here, and how are we here the bigger questions. You can deep dive into a place that you don’t even understand, it’s unfathomable. That’s what I love it really blows my mind. It fascinates me more than any fashion tip, to be honest.

5. Starting from young
Taylor’s love of fashion and beauty goes way back to third grade, when she opened her mother’s enormous bathroom drawer to discover the wonders of Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. Makeup became a childhood obsession. About three years later, her mother took her to Europe where she was first enthralled by the freeing feminine fashion of the classic European woman and a new fiery passion was born.

All images: Taylor LaShae

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