Elsa’s Wholesome Life reveals daily exercise workouts

For those of you who follow the Instagram Stories of Elsa’s Wholesome Life creator Ellie Bullen and twin sister Gypsea Lust’s Lauren Bullen, you most probably would have spotted the two of them working out together regularly… which goes a long way to explaining why they’re both sporting such envious rigs.

And while Ellie’s plant-based, healthy diet would definitely play its part, she also follows a strict exercise regime (even when travelling). Yesterday, the lifestyle influencer took to Instagram to reveal just what fitness practices she adheres to on a weekly basis (and yes, it is goals). We take a look below…

“I like to workout 6 days a week, always in the mornings. For some reason I just feel so much more motivated in the morning. It also makes me feel so much more energised for the rest of the day,” reveals Ellie.

“I love doing cardio. I usually run about 8-14km each day, I also love doing HIIT workouts (BBG, F45), Pilates, and Yoga. I usually workout fasted (intermittent fasting), with the exception of a espresso in the morning as a ‘pre-workout’.

“When travelling, I find using workout apps such as the Sweat App help motivate me. I also like to do lots of walking, or go for a jog in a new place. When booking hotels, I usually check if they have a gym and try to squeeze a workout in after or before a flight as it makes me feel better after long hours of travel.”

All images Elsa’s Wholesome Life and Ellie Bullen. Ellie can also be found via her YouTube channel and website.

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  1. 8-14km a day, far out! You are an inspiration Ellie

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