Eileen Cassidy on health, go-to workouts, and staying motivated

An advocate for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, for model/influencer Eileen Cassidy – eating well and staying active have long been essential to her general happiness and positivity. With a tight family background putting a strong emphasis on the art of gratitude, Eileen was brought up knowing the importance on being grateful for the simple things in life – like health and life itself.

It was this mindset that helped lead the Cotton On Body team to choosing Eileen to join them in Bali for their latest campaign promoting a summer of self love. Joining KateWas, Ellie Gonsalves, and Tia Provost, the girls enjoyed an itinerary planned out by The Bali Bible including yoga, pool hangs, healthy eats, and photo shoots.

Off the back of the campaign launch, we decided to get the lowdown from Eileen Cassidy on her takes when it comes to living a healthy existence – both physically and mentally…

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Eileen Cassidy wearing Cotton On Body

What’s your approach to health?
Everything in moderation – staying balanced is key. Being too strict isn’t healthy at all. It’s important to enjoy life, otherwise what’s the point!

Where’s your happy place?
Anywhere with my family or where it’s warm.

What’s your number one health tip?
Drink lots of water and get lots of sleep – don’t underestimate the importance of these two things.

How do you stay motivated?
Being around friends and positive influences. I find when I’m feeling a little unmotivated, catching up with a friend or someone I love always makes me feel 10 times better.

Eileen Cassidy wearing Cotton On Body

How do you practice self-love?
I always meditate first thing and last thing before bed. It’s hard, but constantly reminding yourself of your strong values is important as well as we can all be too hard on ourselves at times.

What’s your best piece of advice for young women?
Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. We are who we are – if you focus your whole life on what you’re not, it’s such a waste. Focus on what you love about yourself if you’re ever feeling down.

Health hacks for a good night’s sleep?
No phones, big glass of water next to your bed, magnesium and meditation.

Go-to workout?
I’m obsessed with my workout bands, I travel with them everywhere. I always start with 20 minutes skipping.

All images: Eileen Cassidy wearing Cotton On Body

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