Day On A Plate and exercise regimes with Aisha Jade

If you have a penchant for style, serendipitous sojourns and a permanent state of summer, a scroll through Aisha Jade’s Insta might be just what the doc ordered. You’ll be joining the whopping 350k religiously doing the same stalk. Why? Because this actress, entrepreneur, and founder of Boy By Her The Label has a whole gamut of passions in full fruition. And she’s womaneering the sh*t out of the LA fashion industry.

Apart from seams, tailoring and trendwatching, we wanted to discover what else punctuates a regular (if there is such a thing) day in this globetrotter’s life. Here’s Aisha’s day on a plate…

Wake up and have a hot tea made up of a shot of apple cider vinegar, half a teaspoon of manuka honey, and hot water. I sit and meditate for at least 10 minutes before I take on my day.

I head off to F45 here in LA for a good morning sweat session or I do my local Runyon hike. I always love to do more of a cardio-based workout in the mornings.

Almond milk latte from Enigma.
My breakfast depends on if I’m feeling sweet or savoury.

Option 1:
½ cup of gluten-free oats with almond milk topped with cinnamon, half a banana, shredded coconut and a little honey.

Option 2:
Scrambled egg whites with turmeric and anything else I have in the fridge – usually some sauerkraut, avocado and spinach or kale. Topped with chilli flakes.

If I’m peckish at this time of day, I have nuts or fruit and a cup of tea.

2x rice cakes topped with tuna and tomato or peanut butter and banana. That, or a salad.

I’m usually VERY peckish at this time of day. I’ll have nuts or fruit and a cup of tea.

I’ve been trying not to eat much meat since the beginning of this year, so dinner usually consists of fish and veg or a salad with some added goodness like sweet potato.

Halo Top!!! I’m obsessed with Halo Top at the moment… I have to be careful not to eat the full tub. Or good old dark chocolate and a cup of camomile tea.

Bed at 11pm

All images: Aisha Jade

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