A year in review: The fashion items we lusted after in 2016

Whether you love them or loathe them, 2016 brought with it 10 strong fashion trends that our Instagram feeds could just not get enough of. And while some of these may have been carried over from previous years, influencers and bloggers were happy to wear them on repeat.

Below, we take a look at the 10 trends that got a good innings this year…

1. The Gucci loafer
Two years ago it was the Birkenstock, with every street being tread upon by thousands and thousands of this comfortable footwear. In 2016, we started to see a decline in the wearing of Birkenstocks [although they definitely still have their place], with the Gucci loafer taking over as the ultimate shoe of choice.

2. Return of velvet
A fabric that continues to cause polarisation within the masses, this year saw velvet return with a vengeance – being spotted on everything from shoes, to pants, to coats.

3. Off-the-shoulder
If you don’t like your shoulders, then 2016 was not the year for you. From high-end to high street, fashion brands delivered their own unique twist on this trend that was seen getting maximum air time.

4. Silk slips over white tees
It’s an influencer favourite – and why not, possibly one of the most comfortable and easy-to-nail outfits imaginable. [Our editor may be currently a little obsessed with this look for the holiday season].

5. Disarrayed denim
From ragged rips to uneven edges and randomly-placed patchwork, denim took on a bit of a disheveled vibe in 2016… and never looked so good.

6. Sneakers with skirts and dresses
Whether it be out shopping or to a fancy dinner party, this year saw it being socially acceptable (even praised) to pair back your sneakers with skirts and dresses for just about any occasion.

7. Pyjamas as clothing
If you were mildly put off by silk slips being worn as outer garments, you probably wouldn’t have been a fan of influencers getting into the trend of wearing long-sleeve silk pyjamas on the streets. But somehow it works. Hats off to the first person who started this brave trend.

8. Big sleeves

Bells, puffs, drapes – you name it, we saw it. Sleeves decided it was time for a little moment in the spotlight, adhering to the belief that bigger is better.

9. Mum jeans
Mums across the globe had to put a lock and key on their jeans’ stockpile this year, with ‘mum jeans’ becoming the latest in a long line of popular jean trends. Baggy, blue, and quite often belted – this is one item Husskie hopes stays in favour a while [if not just to hide a little over-excessive Christmas indulging].

10. All-in-ones
Always dipping in and out of favour, this year saw everything from playsuits to jumpsuits to overalls gain a resurgence – coming up favour for street stylers across the globe.

Main image: @thehautepursuit

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