10 fundamental tips for working with social media content creators

In less than a year, jewellery brand In A Perfect World has slowly but steadily become one-to-watch thanks in part to its ongoing collaborations with rising content creators from across the globe. Channeling art, architecture and design through their curated bespoke designs, In A Perfect World has been quick to attract the interest of Instagram creators (with its feed becoming our daily obsession).

Consciously created to complement all styles and wardrobes, a scroll through the brand’s Gram will see you find anyone from Mariah Leonard (95.5K followers), Alexandra Hoang (81.7K followers) or Karri Nicholas (56.2K following). Explaining their decision to collaborate with social media creators, co-founders Sarah Yeap and Erica Loh tell Husskie: “Conventional marketing isn’t enough anymore with all the noise and clutter on social media platforms.

“We at In A Perfect World love working closely with content creators to help us add value to the brand by marketing our products in an aesthetically-pleasing manner, and through these collaborations, we continue to be inspired in our daily work.”

Based on their experiences with social media marketing, Sarah and Erica share their top 10 tips for working with content creators from a start-up business perspective:

Mandy Pierce (@mandy_p) wearing In A Perfect World

1. Know your content creators
Find out more about their past campaigns and collaborations to understand the type of brands they have associated themselves with. Position your brand with like-minded brands and styles to enhance your brand image

2. Always give credit where credit is due
It is only polite to give proper credit to your content creators when using their work. This would also help increase your post engagement and brand awareness as you associate the brand with their work.

3. Do not feel intimidated to ask for collaborations
It is better to reach out than to stay silent. Step out of your comfort zone and unearth the opportunities!

Alexandra Hoang (@lillehoang) and Xoxotsumi’s Tsutsumi Hoang wearing In A Perfect World

4. Focus on the content they create, rather than their number of following
A bigger following does not always mean better content. We believe in having quality over quantity.

5. Research on your content creators’ engagement and analytics
Purchasing followers and likes have become widely prevalent, make sure you are supporting real accounts and engagement. Find out more about where their audiences are based and ensure they are relevant to your brand and target audience.

6. Let your content creators create
Do not limit their creative freedom, after all they are the masterminds behind the campaign. Give them some brief guidelines around the content theme, and leave it to their creativity.

Dita Sherlock (@sherlockdiary) flatlay featuring In A Perfect World

7. Compromise & be flexible
Everyone is busy with their own schedules. Be patient, good things are worth the wait. Give your content creators a reasonable timeline to work with and follow up patiently.

8. With that being said, set your expectations up front
Expectations should be communicated clearly in order for your brand to have greater control over the campaign. Be professional in reminding them of the deliverables that have been agreed upon by both parties. If your content creator fails to deliver his/her part of the agreement, be polite and deal with the issue in a professional manner, afterall you do not want to tarnish your reputation.

9. Work with content creators who align with your brand
Having like-minded tastes & views allows the brand to better connect with their audience. Remember, their audience are your potential customers.

10. Grow together
Create long-lasting relationships with your content creators, keep them in mind, and consistently engage with them through social media platforms. It is always great to have a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties add value to each other’s work.

Clara Hong (@clarahongg) wearing In A Perfect World

Main image: Wondercoated’s Nicole Kotseva wearing In A Perfect World

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