The top five fashion Instagram posts of 2016

This year has seen endless lustworthy outfits splashed across our Instagram feeds – with many a bank account paying the price.

Whittling our favourites down to just five was a punishing task, but after careful consideration – Husskie has selected the stand-out fashion moments of 2016 as played out across our feeds.

1. Margaret Zhang in A.L.C
When Margaret wore this fluffy jacket and the whole world wanted to snuggle up to her…

2. Happily Grey in Kalita

Happily Grey’s Mary Seng may have only posted this a week ago, but the romance of the dress and the moodiness of the pic saw it landing a spot in our top five.

3. Kim Cam Jones in Ellery

This girl knows how to put theatre into clothes. With so many of Kim’s images in our list of top picks, we ended up settling on this one of Kim climbing a fire escape in L.A.

A post shared by Kim Jones (@kimcamjones) on

4. Gary Pepper Girl in Michael Lo Sordo

This is what happens when three Australian greats come together… Gary Pepper Girl blogger Nicole Warne, renowned photographer Luke Shadbolt, and awe-inspiring designer Michael Lo Sordo all played a part in making this magic happen.

5. Ohh Couture in MLM label, Camila Carril in Tim Ryan, and Nina Suess in Zara jeans

While we’re on the topic of three greats joining up… You don’t get much better than a post featuring Ohh Couture’s Leonie Hanne, Camila and Nina. Husskie just couldn’t go past this post with the three girls taken at Milan Fashion Week.

Did your top five fashion moments of 2016 feature here? What was your favourite #ootd Instagram post this year?

Main image: @Ohhcouture

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