The changes coming to Instagram – & why they’re causing outrage

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Pretty much every influencer you talk to is not happy with Instagram’s decision to change the algorithm on its news feed in June last year. Like really not happy. With engagement levels dropping drastically, there have been numerous [I’m throwing it out there – probably millions of] pleads to change it back. But Instagram had none of it.

Now, a new storm is already beginning to brew in regards to the upcoming changes we’re soon to see rolled out across the social media platform. While we don’t mind some of them – we’re going to join the chorus of haters for the new grid layout. 4×4? Euch, so not a fan!

Below, we take a look at what you can expect from four of the key updates Instagram are in the process of initiating…

Kenny JMW

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4×4 grid
You know all that time you’ve spent perfectly curating your 3×3 feed so that the overall aesthetic of your account is one of organised inspiration? Well, it may be about to turn into one big hot mess with some Instagram users already noticing their grid displaying a 4×4 view. Which spells an even bigger headache for those that have gone to the trouble of creating a mosaic-type arrangement on their profile…

Mutual followers
While there are apps out there that easily show who is following you (and unfollowing you), Instagram is about to highlight if a person follows you back via each profile. Already released on Androids but not yet on iOS, the new update will see a “Follows you” message appear underneath the username and bio of a person’s profile.

Face filters for live video
While previously limited to video and images captured first and then posted to Instagram Stories, Instagram yesterday announced it is making face filters available for live video streaming. Meaning we’re probably likely to see more of those “I woke up like this” morning live videos… #justsaying. Funnily enough, we’re predicting there won’t be too much ‘outrage’ for this update.

Launch Instagram via Facebook
By now I presume most of us know Instagram is owned by Facebook – but the companies are taking another step towards offering the perfect partnership with Facebook adding a new main navigation menu on mobile that includes a link to your Instagram profile. So what does this mean? It’s going to be easier than ever to switch between your Facebook and Instagram accounts. Hours of stalking ensued.

Instagram Live

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2 Discussion to this post

  1. As one of those unlucky people with the painstakingly crafted mosaic style feed, I am devastated by Instagram’s new changes. 🙁
    Why do they keep doing this!

    • Husskie says:

      I have no idea! I’m really, really hoping they decide against the 4×4 – I don’t get the thinking behind this one… Surely they’ll realise this one’s not beneficial to any one!! Yelena x

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